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Lucy: The film is intense and thought provoking!

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Lucy: The film is intense and thought-provoking!

The film “Lucy,” dropped into theaters in 2014. But it’s an amazing film with such a talented cast. PCG magazine saw the film when it came out. I mean, it was so good we had to talk about the film which features Scarlett Johansson. 

Lucy: The film is intense and thought provoking!
Lucy: The film is intense and thought-provoking!

Basically, the synopsis turns to the question “What if humans could use their whole mind capacity?” A lot of people have called this film “Unrealistic,” however I would mark this director down as a genius. Lucy is living and studying in Taiwan. (Seems as though there was not much to explain her back-story.) the film jumps straight to Richard, her boyfriend being murdered as she inadvertently tries to deal drugs for him.  Hell, she was dealing with the wrong people, a Korean mob boss.

The whole movie revolves around the drug called “CPH4,” it can enhance the user’s brain power—and that humans can only “access” 20% of their brain.  Lucy is then taken and knocked out cold while they plant a bag of “CPH4,” in her stomach.  After a fight, the bag breaks open and begins to leak into her system.

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Lucy’s brain power turns into gear, as she turns into this super human-robot.  It was as though she was possessed.  After then escaping with her new abilities she seeks out the Professor (played by Morgan Freeman) who has studied the possibility of humans being able to access more of their brainpower.

The best part about the film “Lucy,” is its incredible talent including Scarlett JohanssonMorgan Freeman, and Min-sik Choi!

I loved the movie, having a female protagonist was a bold move because I think it would have been very easy to replace the protagonist with a man. Having Morgan Freeman on the movie was a plus as well because he is amazing at his talent to act.

In fact, I would buy this film on DVD and plan too when it comes out! If you haven’t seen the film yet, check out the trailer below! It’s a great watch!

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Lucy Trailer (2014)

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