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Nikos—Faith and Inspirational Music

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Nikos—Faith and Inspirational Music

Nikos is a new band that is comprised of experienced professional—they just released their first eponymous EP, Nikos. The EP is full of positive pop-punk rock. The band clearly put a great deal of effort into their album—and we’re loving the creativity. The EP consists of six songs and they are incredible to listen to and, most importantly, unique—their performance is outstanding and keeps you hooked.
Nikos Kilmentos is their front-man who worked to build the band with their bassist, Jeff Motekaitis. The two have toured together previously in their own bands on the Warped Tour—setting the foundation for the band that they would develop together years later. Remarkably, the band is focused on positive music and want to send a message filled with uplifting lyrics and faith. The band is dedicated to making their listeners and fans feel good. And after you listen to the EP, it’s evident that they have accomplished their goal of producing positive and encouraging music.

They traveled to Florida to record with producers Brooks Paschal—Nikos added a guitarist(Matt Beach), as well as a drummer(Mark Recca), completing the band with more fantastic and talented musicians.
The six songs on their EP, including their single “The Chase,” provide an uplifting feeling behind their hard-hitting and beautiful rock. Every aspect of their music is top notch, truly attesting to the fact that the musicians behind Nikos know what they’re doing, feeling and what message they are trying to send the world. Go give their music a listen, it’s catchy, fun and uplifting—repeat will become your best friend in no time.

Nikos is going places and fast—so if you want to support them and their message, you can follow their websites and other social media below.

Awesome job boys—keep up the great work. We look forward to hearing more!
Follow them on twitter @NikosBand


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