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A Time Worth Remembering

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Gosh, I remember it just like it was yesterday—walking to school. The night sky was still covered in a blanket of stars and the moon was bright, lighting my walk to school. Del Sol High School was a good 4 or 5 miles from my apartments in Las Vegas. Greenday was always there for me in the morning.

I had so many amazing friends in Vegas and to this day love them very much. Those are memories you will never forget. Running around with my skateboard because I fell in love with that piece of wood the first time I saw one. And skating with all the guys because I just wasn’t into barbies.

Plus skateboarding kept my mind off my home life—people would never know my life was so different. I remember one of my best friends telling me “Whatever Laura you have the perfect family and you probably even eat dinner on Sundays together,” in my head I knew it was true—I shrugged it off.

That was farther from the truth—my dad eat dinner? Yeah, he ate but not with the children. We were all just bad luck whenever we were around. At lest that’s how it felt and if we did eat together, he made sure to lecture us throughout the dinner. And if you’re thinking that’s what a Father does—yeah, it is. But is it normal to lecture your children for petty little things like speaking English not Romanian, not having your ears pierced, looking like a man, acting like a cunt, telling me I would destroy the family? I don’t find that quite normal or healthy, do you?

I don’t remember a single time that man played a game of catch with me. And all I can remember is the day bought me my first guitar. You should have seen my face and that’s what tells me he had a heart. I’m just not sure where he left it? And will my Dad ever be able to pick up his heart and find it again?

I was in 8th grade and picked up a job under the counter at a Deli by the High-School to help with bills and buy the rest of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, it was my mental getaway. And I couldn’t let mom be the only one working when Dad just wanted to drink and complain. Nope, not in my nature—not even at thirteen. This will always be a time to remember.

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