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FRIENDS Sitcom Coffee House Live In New York City

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photo1I don’t know about you but I certainly love the sitcom “FRIENDS.” It was witty, funny and has an amazing plot. I especially loved the character development! As a filmmaker of course writing like this makes me ecstatic.

But that’s not what’s making me smile! Some good news has come to life for all you other fans!

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the NBC sitcom Warner Brothers is opening a replica of the trendy coffee shop featured in many of the sitcoms episodes!

How cool would it be to visit this place?

Central Park will be coming to life to those living in the Manhattan SoHo neighborhood. Visitors then can interact with iconic props, orange sofa, etc!

The Coffee shop will only be open for a month if you haven’t seen it yet and your close you have until October 18th to get your Hines on the orange sofa!


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