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Improve Your Perseverance With These Tips

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You cannot control every single moment or feeling you experience in every cycle or season of the life, but you can actually decide on how to tackle with the situations you are suffering from. You would experience personal difficulties, health problems and business setback and need to be ready for the consequences of loss of lives and extensive devastation due to any circumstances.

So, it all depends on your choice to view the glass as wallow and half-empty by allowing the misfortune and grief to find the best part in yourself. You can also adopt a result-oriented and positive metal attitude to improve your perseverance. The process will start from seeing the glass as half-filled followed by the recovery from tribulations and trials through every cycle of the life. This will help in making a huge difference in your self-confidence.

As we all know that IQ is used to measure raw intelligence, PQ, well or perseverance quotient is capable of measuring the staying power. If someone wants to improve his/her PQ, here are some tips to go with:

  • Take responsibility of everything you will do- don’t believe in a false belief that something spiritual and secret is controlling you. For some people, this hidden, mythical force would be gender, social class, physical features, religion, education, handicaps or upbringing.

  • Always choose positive re-enforcements. While purchasing movies, audio tapes and books for your entertainment, be sure to search for the items which have uplifting, strong themes.

  • Stress actually refers to scenes of disruption, breakdown and unhappiness of a person’s body functions. However¸ stress means the effects of physical, mental or external pressures on the well-being. The basic causes of stress are tension and anxiety that happen through different conditions or events like business/job problems, sexual difficulties, loneliness, marriage failure, moving home, money hardship, tax investigation, loss of friendship, demise of a loved one etc.

  • In order to improve your perseverance, healthy lifestyle is really important because it is capable of providing sufficient stamina and energy to support the body. Your level of resilience, optimism, intensity, focus, self-confidence and clarity needs to be higher.

  • Make sure not to lie with yourself. Always speak what is true and who you actually are. For this, you should nurture the self-knowledge with the help of contemplation, reflection, self-searching, observation and meditation.

  • Get advice from authentic as well as trusted source. If you want to minimize the distance of perseverance to achievement, you should learn from others’ mistakes, instead of repeating them on your own.

  • It is recommended to plan of the things you are going to do as it will help in achieving them easily and you will always have contingency plans to solve any sort of problem.

  • If you have any counter-productive habit, immediately abandon them. You should identify what are creating hindrance in your self-improvement process and try to leave them as soon as you can.

  • Don’t pay attention of the negative thoughts someone is trying to induce in your mind. Just believe in yourself and see how confident and well informed you are in the respective field.

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