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Jay Leno’s Generosity Is Amazing

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Jay Leno

It’s always inspiring to see people in the world do good for one another. James Douglas Muir Leno is a great example of showing love and respect to people he surrounds himself with, whether it’s meeting a new person or family and friends.

Ethan Larerge is suffering from a roadside bomb injury that happened in Afghanistan.  He met Leno at a local garage. Leno asked if he was up for a ride in a 2015 Dodge Hellcat. After letting him cruise the country roads in this beauty. Leno and Laberge stopped for a barbecue and the two talked about cars—Leno’s favorite topic.

After arriving back to base, Leberge stated “ That was awesome.. I wouldn’t mind having one of these.”

The famous actor and television host surprised a hurt Veteran with a beautiful car. The comedian  loves meeting soldiers and getting to know them.

“It’s yours,” Leno replied. “America loves you. Thank you buddy.”

It’s kind people like Leno that remind me what is truly important in the world. Being kind, loving and thankful for everyone.

Leno, you’re one amazing person—thank you for showing the world how to be kind!

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