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Justin Bieber Came To Our Local Hospital For Milly

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Justin And Milly

It seems as though so many people in the world forgot what it was like to be a young adult learning. What would it be like to pretend you have a perfect life? And only because the world won’t take their eyes off you for even a moment.

It would be rough. Justin Bieber might not be liked by all but that doesn’t stop him from loving his family, friends and fans.

There are always haters, right?

Bieber came to Salt Lake City, UT to visit a beautiful little girl. Millie, was a patient at Primary Children’s. And last year lost a battle to cancer. Her dream was to meet Justin.

A man with no heart would not make a fuss. And a man with a heart would do just what this picture does.

A pictures tells a million stories if you take them apart.

The beautiful girl drew my mother a cute picture. And it is just so inspiring to see how a small child can love and look past imperfections.

We love this picture.

It does tell an amazing story.

Keep you’re held high and never let anyone poison the love and drive you have for your-self, family and fans.

Blessed Be.

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