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A Sisters Memory

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The last I saw of my sister I remember standing on the steps of our Fresno Apartment. “Will I ever see you again?” I asked innocently. “I Promise.” And then she was gone. I’ve never really had a sister I could count on every single day—is that a lot to ask for in a sister? I personally don’t think so but hey, it is what it is. Lucky for me my Brother met a pretty bad-ass chick and she is the sister I never had. I’ve been her little sister since she was fourteen. How amazing is that? My brother and sister-in-law have been together for over fifteen years and counting. Next year they are getting married and that’s a reason to celebrate. Marriage isn’t just a piece of paper like most people say at least not to the women—and it might be to the government. In my heart it means commitment and love, forever and always!
Today, I was thinking about my sister who doesn’t bother talking to me anymore. Ya see, she started dating this guy when she was young like, sixteen or something. ( I wouldn’t know because she doesn’t talk about him and he never brags about her). Anyways, I was thinking about her and there were times when she was there for me, especially in 2012. When I lost someone I thought would be a sister to me too for a long time to come. ( not a very important story). But she stuck up for me and she was there for me and sis, if your out there and you read this just know, I will always love you and I will always cherish the small amount of memories we have had, but you chose to let a grown man cuss me out like I was in an adult man, in a empty alley on a street. You sis, left me out to dry. And that was the most hurtful thing of it all. I wasn’t always perfect to your man but everyone fights. That doesn’t mean you treat a young woman the way he did…. You were a pops to me but now you’ve become nothing but a sweet memory.

Remember when we ran around malls.
Looking for Jewelry and new things to do?
Remember when we sang to Nsync.
Loud and Proud?
With not a fear in the world..

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