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Coming Back To God Because Of KLove Radio

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Laura Margosian

I remember when I was having a hard time coming back to God literally, nothing seemed to help! I didn’t feel worthy of reading, praying or even stepping foot into a church! One day, I found myself crying—while i was driving and by accident I hit the tuner button on my radio and this ‘calming’ music came on. I let the song finish. I’ll never forget the song “Sidewalk Prophets – The Words I Would Say” Such an amazing song and it came on right when I needed it! Every word was what I needed to hear!

I remember from that very day forward, i continued to listen to this station in Utah! In Salt Lake City the station can heard on 107.5 -Klove Radio! Now let me tell you form the bottom of my heart, we are all not perfect, we all fall short of perfection and feel worthless and unworthy of Gods love but I can assure you at this very moment that YOU, yes YOU are worthy! Remember, you were redeemed, forgiven, you are forgiven and have the power of the atonement within reach.

I learned a lot from K-Love Radio, but most of all I learned a lot form Scott and Kelli. They may not know this yet but very shortly they will as I am acquaintances with Scott on twitter—he actually reached out to me randomly one day and has always check in on me. Not everyday, but when it counts and for that I am so appreciative. I just want to get the word out here to those of you that have been having a hard time.

Did you know that K-Love has a 30 day challenge. Listen to their station for thirty days and I promise you, things will change in your life. This is a gift I didn’t expect. The challenge can be hard but if you really are devoted and want to feel Christ’s love back in your heart you would be willing do nearly anything right? Give it a shot!

You won’t regret it! Tonight, I’ve been reading my scriptures but something prompted me to blog about k-love tonight!

So, Scott and Kelli, thank you, thank you for having faith in me, thank you for befriending me, thank you for being patient and loving and forgiving and especially self-less! You two are amazing! I love you both!

If other health issues arent found to be the cause of your ED Klicke hier

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