Oregon’s 26-Car Pile-Up Traps Man Between Two Semi-Trucks And He’s Alive

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By lauraramonique

A Cincinnati Medical Center is now treating a man who was pinned between two trucks. Authorities have stated that 100 people were involved in the icy pileup on the interstate pileup in eastern Oregon. And 12 of those people were reported injured—but what you’re about to see is absolutely amazing.

The 26-car pileup left Interstate 84 in Oregon closed for the majority of the day and crews worked vigorously to clean all spilled diesel fuel and move the dozens of vehicles that were a part of the accident.

The accident left more than 60 vehicles stranded at the scene. And according to The Oregonian, a man got stuck in his pickup, smashed between two semi-trucks.

“Thank God that I’m still alive,” Whitby commented on the incident. He said he got stuck when two semi trucks flattened his Chevy Silverado—the man only need two Band-Aids.

This story is absolutely amazing—and here’s some footage from the scene.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”OwRiIZQMeTc”]


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