DJ Zedd Is Quite The Fella

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By lauraramonique

dj zeddAlthough he is quite a popular EDM artist, Zedd is not as well known to most who admire Selena Gomez. He is an all-star producer, having worked with Hayley Williams of Paramore, Ariana Grande, and Ariana Grande to make big hits. Born in Russia in 1989 with the name of Anton Zaslavski, his parents were both classically trained musicians, clearly where he got his love of music from. His love of music really started to show when, as a teenager, he began producing rock music in a band with his brother.

Zedd really became popular in 2009 as he began producing electronic music and was signed to Skrillex’s label, OWSLA. He’s worked with many other artists, including working on Justin Bieber’s Beauty and the Beat. He won a grammy early on in his career for his hit Clarity. Most surprisingly, Zedd has already worked so much with charities, especially focusing on eliminating world hunger worldwide. With their shared love of music and helping others, these two lovebirds are destined to have a wonderful relationship together. I recommend you all check out his music and get to know his wonderful style. He’s not just another techno or dubstep producer but has real talent!

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