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Get Inside My Gym Sesh Dates

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644003_10151157926693740_1409185942_nGetting fit was part of new-years resolution in 2012 and boy did I manage to stick to the plan. I remember when I was a 160-pounds and every-time I looked in the mirror there was nothing but pure hatred—because The Monster would call me fat daily. It’s what pushed me to join Planet Fitness. And it’s always been one of the best choices I’ve made.

It’s 2014 and I’m 120 pounds and only twenty percent body fat—I’m motivated and happy and blessed. After all that is where I met my Husband and I spent a lot of our time before we were married. We both went to a Golds Gym in West Jordan. And eventually we started having gym sessions together.

progress picOh my gosh—on one of our dates we went to the gym and watched the movie they were playing that day, while working out for a whole two-hours on the elliptical. At the time I was working at a branch of ABC News and I would get off work around 10:45 and we would meet-up at the gym or go on a date and then the gym—it was perfect.

Brendan Warkentin has been one of the biggest blessings and reasons my life has gotten better and he has been a strength for both my mother and I—he’s a man, not a boy and I’m proud of his parents because all the boys are amazing. They’ve done a wonderful job—and without him I’m not quite sure where I would be at this very second.

559648_10151131739213740_1726867040_n 1506032_1497201433894077_7654712179820342042_nI have the most wonderful mother, husband and family—the ones that are in close quarters me of course. There’s a lot about me that has changed since High School and I’m happy that I’ve grown up and learned to let things be—to agree to disagree and move forward. Winning a fight with mom, dad, a friend, boyfriend or husband isn’t going to strengthen either of those relationships. It’s something I had to learn—but when you can learn to disagree and listen to one another, accept one another and just love each other for what you both are, that’s a bond.

During the last four-years of my life I have lost best friends, been married and divorced. And I’ve learned exactly who I want to be—what I deserve and how to obtain everything in this life I desire. Trials are blessings in disguises—because eventually they lead to something bigger and better. And I’ve learned just how important that is in order to have success in life.

I’m in love with fitness and family, who we are, what we strive to be and the direction we are headed. I’m in love with the plan that God has given us and I will never regret my past. And if I could tell myself something in ten years, it would be that I’m worth it and to never sell out. The most important trait in the world is to believe in yourself—that means chasing the dreams you never thought you could reach—because you can reach them if you believe.

What are you in love with? And who do you strive to be?

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