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Cougar Accusations Haunting Jennifer Lopez

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jennifer-lopez-femme-cougarJennifer Lopez is a strong woman and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Now with recent negative accusations that J-Lo is only a cougar that’s into younger men, she doesn’t take that lightly. After dating 27 year old Casper Smart the accusations were already flying all over her that she was a cougar and now in her most recent film role in The Boy Next Door her character is with young co-star Ryan Guzman. Now many people are calling her out and accusing her of being in a relationship with Ryan, to which she denied being in a relationship with her co-star. More than just defending herself, Jennifer Lopez went after the entire concept while she appeared on Ellen this week, saying , “I’m not after younger guys. If younger guys like me then that’s one thing. There’s like guys who just go after younger women. They have no name. No label. And you can date one person. Label.”

Jennifer is right and she shouldn’t be made to feel bad and shouldn’t be receiving this negative publicity.

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