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Taylor Swift Defends Fan After Being Bullied Online

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taylor swiftLast month Taylor Swift stunned her fans and the world when she sent gifts to some of her biggest fans in the world. A lot of the fans opened the packages on video, and they were absolutely shocked, amazing reactions. However, some internet trolls started attacking one of the fans, Lucy Ashton, calling her ugly. Lucy said that the words didn’t mean anything to her, but Taylor Swift wouldn’t stand for it. She responded by saying, “No, Anonymous. No.” and said that Lucy was the “cutest human ever born”. Lucy was obviously not expecting anything out of her idol, but Taylor was there to defend her fan. Lucy responded with, “I honestly was so shocked. I didn’t even know that she was online… I came back on and saw that she had responded and stood up for me. I immediately started crying and contacted all of my friends that I had met through Taylor and Tumblr. There was definitely just a lot of crying and smiles that night. And fangirling with my friends. Her support means everything to me. I’ve supported her for eight years now, and to know that she knows me, a teenage girl who just blogs about her, and to know that she always has my back, means everything to me. It definitely gives me a sense of comfort.”

Taylor has already stood up to bullies by speaking out against them publicly, but this is just one more step showing how much Taylor Swift despises bullying. Great job Taylor, you’re a legend!

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/elliewoodward/swift-sass-is-the-best-sass?bftw&utm_term=4ldqpfp#.ip9dmZ1Vl

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