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A Short Analysis of Obama’s State of the Union Address

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untitledLast night, President Barack Obama of the United States delivered his State of the Union address. The State of the Union address is an annual address that the president gives to both houses of congress. Typically, it is so the commander-in-chief can update everyone on what’s been going on in the nation, as well as set forth the goals that the President wants to achieve coming up. This is one of the most watched and analyzed speech that the President will ever make and it really sets the tone for the coming year’s political, social, and economic climate. This year, Obama’s speech has the nation divided. Some people have found it comforting and inspiring and have come closer in their support of the President. However, many others have found the speech more than disconcerting, but indeed they’ve found it frightening.

At the beginning of the address, everything was cheery. He spouted the successes of the previous year, positive things that have happened with the nation such as the unemployment rate being reduced and that oil being at the lowest price in a long time. He said a lot of things that made sense, and a lot of promises that we can hope go through, though we all know that sometimes these things don’t happen. With so many people watching the State of the Union, there have been so many analyses that have come out, both positive and negative. The main criticism of the speech was the massive amount of promises that Obama was making. Better economy, eliminating student debt, helping out the middle class, dealing with the issues with housing, paying men and women equally for the same job, and helping employees earn their well-deserved benefits. To many, these are empty promises as they are touchy situations that will be incredibly difficult to just handle as Obama says.

Many believe that Obama’s plans are not helping, but are actually harming the middle class. On the effectiveness of Obama’s “free community college plan”, Representative Rob Bishop had this to say, “President Obama’s community college plan sounds nice but in reality is expensive, unworkable and, if implemented, would represent a major shift of education power back to Washington. The critical thing that education needs to succeed is freedom — freedom to be creative and responsive to local needs.” There have been many critics saying that Obama is asking for a significant increase in tax and that it just isn’t going to happen and that a lot of what Obama is saying is simply partisan politics, which will never get through Congress. A lot of people are not very happy with his speech and feel that yet again, nothing will change and that the United States will continue to fail its people and be stuck in the mud as the world flies by us.

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