Importance of ‘Alone Time’

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By lauraramonique

olivia wildeWhile I was messing around with my smart-phone today, I came across the realization that I am just too caring. I respond to every message as soon as I can and yet, I never consider the fact that maybe—just maybe my brain needs some time to unwind, rewind and relax. Actually, it made me really think… I don’t remember the last time that I actually turned my phone off and most importantly spent sometime away from electronics, cars, music and people around me. I feel like i’m living in the ‘fast pace’ life that just never stops—when I say ‘fast life’ I think of New York City, cars everywhere, people screaming and yelling on their cellphones, running to taxis to get to their jobs. It’s a fact, we all seriously need that ‘break.’ Whatever happened to picking up an old fashion book, laying on your bed and reading it from cover to cover. Cell’s didn’t exist back in the day. I sometimes think they cause more anxiety than they need too, and that’s very sad.
I’m sitting reflecting on my life now, realized that I’m tired, mentally, emotionally and even physically. Physically, because of the work that I have to do. Emotionally, because I can never just say ‘no’ and it’s okay too say no if you don’t feel like doing something. I feel so unsatisfied with how I am pursuing my career. If I put half as much time as i do my friends, texts, Facebook and Youtube I would be doing even better than I already am.
Now, thats not to say my friends are not important, they are there with me every single step of the way. I feel like some of them, they don’t realize, aside from our friendship there are other things that need done as well. Many things, I’m twenty-three years old and just developing my writing career into a professional one.

Having alone time makes it possible to rediscover who you were, what you used to want, what you want to become. How will you attain those dreams? Will you always be a push over? How about a fighter? At this moment in time, there is only you, there is not a single thing wrong with turning your phone off, flipping the lap top, TV, Music and everything and just sitting in peace. Go to a lake, read a book, walk around the park, ride a bike, go sit in a coffee shop and read your favorite childhood book.

Honestly, alone time is a necessity, if you’re not a homebody then its healthy. Just think about this, even Jesus Christ had His “alone time” before making the most important decision of his life…. If he deemed the importance of having alone time then, don’t you think…. it’s important for us to have some too?

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