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Captain America 3’s Villain Announced

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4353294-bannerFinally the villain for Captain America 3 has been announced. After all the wrong theories, it has been announced, or perhaps let slip, that actor Daniel Bruhl will be playing Baron Zemo. Unlike typical villains with extraordinary gifts, Baron Zemo is simpler, yet still incredibly deadly. He is incredibly intelligent and proficient in combat, both unarmed and armed. Additionally, he has a psionic-powered headband that can be used for manipulation, and has a massive variety of rifles that he carries. Also known as Helmut for the apparatus he carries on his head, he is also known to have superhuman powers given to him by The Moonstones, which allows for energy manipulation, strength augmentation, and far more abilities. This seems to be a perfect combatant against Cap, as he shares a lot of strengths as Captain America, as well as some that go far beyond the Cap’s own abilities. Playing the villain will be Inglorious Basterds star Daniel Bruhl, who has shown himself off as a very talented actor, and I am confident that he will portray the Baron incredibly. This movie really looks like it is going to be amazing, and this has only increased the hype for me. What do you think about the villain that Disney and Marvel have chosen? Could they have made a better choice of villain? And what about Bruhl, what do you think about his acting skills?



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