David Tennant cast in AKA Jessica Jones

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David-Tennant-_612x381David Tennant has been announced to be playing Kilgrave in the upcoming Netflix original show, AKA Jessica Jones. David Tennant is most known for his role as the tenth, and perhaps the most loved, doctor in the series Doctor Who.  Kilgrave, also known as Purple Man, has the ability to verbally control other’s actions by the use of pheromones that his body produces. AKA Jessica Jones is scheduled to appear later in 2015, though it could be as late as early 2016 according to some sources. This comes after news that Mike Coltier will be appearing as Luke Cage, and Krysten Ritter will be taking the leading role of Jessica Jones. In the series, Krysten Ritter’s character will be attempting to become a private eye, with the assistance of Luke Cage. Unlike most shows, AKA Jessica Jones will be released all at once as binge-watching has taken over as the most popular way to watch TV Shows in the Netflix generation. This is exciting news truly, as David Tennant is a brilliant actor and it will be nice to see how he deals with being cast as a villain as opposed to a witty hero like in Doctor Who.

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