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Why Does God Love Sinners?

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You may have asked yourself what exactly does this scripture mean?  I remember the first time I read this scripture, I was just sitting on the weight of it, wondering, pondering ‘how does this pertain to me?’ Lord, I thought, I have so many sins that I cover up and hide, but I will pray to you, change my heart. Without you I am nothing, this talent, this body, this love, it all came from you. This scripture, has so much more meaning than I ever could imagine. The Lord, calling upon the wicked as ‘blameless.’ God justifies ‘ungodly people?’ Can you seriously believe that? It really did make my jaw drop. It never made sense to me why the wicked, evil, careless people are ‘blameless.’ What’s funny is that if we are sinners, we hide, God doesn’t hide in that verse. He boasts as bright as the sun that, he makes right to those who deserve the exact opposite, turning the cheek and forgiving, he gives the wicked an opportunity always Rev 3:20.  In a weird way, it seems that the only qualification for us to be ‘justified’ is to be ungodly? How odd is that? It’s like God says the only way to qualify is to admit that you DON’T QUALIFY.

This verse makes so much sense to me now, we are all sinners, we have all committed wrong acts upon one another, our brothers, sisters and families, etc. It means to me, in my heart, we all commit acts of wickedness. But what else does this verse mean? Let’s take a look here: “to the one who does not work.” Working for you’re salvation is not a bad thing at all because you have the right in mind but lets remember something here, when you try to ‘work’ for your salvation, discipline yourself—any amount of work you do in this life will not guarantee your salvation, no, you can’t just ‘work’ your way to salvation, it’s so much more than that, because if you go into this life with that thought in mind, it’s almost as if you are saying ‘Jesus you’re cross wasn’t enough.” He proposed to us on that cross, we are the sweat, the pain, the nail in his wrist and yet he loves us anyways. How beautiful is this, fact? You don’t have to try harder, while its good, you don’t have to be better, you don’t have to DO MORE, you can choose too do more for others and yourself with a open heart and mind—but thinking you have too will only make you go into this as a ‘job.’ This isn’t a job, not a chore—but a choice. A choice to TRUST in the one who justifies the ungodly, the sinners in the world. Do you struggle with porn? Do you think you always have to give up your body to be loved? Are you addicted to praise and approval of others? Jesus says, ‘STOP IT, CUT THAT OUT! Stop working, trust in him, who justifies the ungodly. YOU DON’T HAVE TO HIDE YOUR FILTH, YOUR SINS, YOU DON’T HAVE TO HIDE THESE SCARS that eat at you, day in and day out. Don’t hide your head in shame because he forgives, he justifies the ungodly.


Do you know what changes a heart? The very end of this scripture changes hearts. It says IF you don’t work, trust in him who justifies the sinners and ungodly, then your faith is counted as righteousness. The very moment you accept Jesus Christ as your savior he becomes your rock. You no longer represent yourself but Jesus represents YOU. Your faith is ‘counted’ as righteousness. It isn’t EARNED. It’s counted. It’s always taken into account, all your choices, your sins, everything you do is taken into account. When you trust Jesus, God then looks at you the very same way he looks at Jesus! HOW AMAZING is this? He looks at you and says “ My Daughter, my Son, when you fall and mess up you are spotless, blameless, perfect and holy, you are free.!” God always has his hand on you. That’s what changes a heart.


I ask you now, rest your life within this verse. Change your life, change someone else’s life. You don’t have to hide anymore, don’t hide your sins just confess them, ask for the forgiveness you were already given. You just have to trust in the one who exchanged himself for you at the cross. He took your shame, your sins, your everything, just so God could be both just and a justifier of those who put their trust within the Lord. He doesn’t just ‘LET YOU OFF THE HOOK’ but he put Jesus on the hook for you. Stop working, do something that Jesus has already done. It’s already finished, if you trust him, your faith is counted as righteousness. Believe in the words that you read, change a heart, live your life to the fullest with as much love, faith, forgiveness and TRUST as possible. You will be blessed!


A quote that I would like to end with:

“I have heard that men who hate the cross bring it against God that He saves wicked men and receives to Himself the vilest of the vile. This Scripture actually accepts the charge, even more it plainly states it! By the mouth of His servant Paul, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, He takes to Himself the title of “Him that justifies the ungodly.” He makes  just those who are unjust, forgives those who deserve to be punished, and favors those who deserve no favor. You thought, did you not, that salvation was for the good? That God’s grace was for the pure and holy who are free from sin? It has fallen into your mind that, if you were excellent, then God would reward you; and you have thought that because you are not worthy, therefore there could be no way of your enjoying His favor. You must be somewhat surprised to read a text like this: “Him that justifies the ungodly. ” But I do not wonder that you are surprised; for even me with all my familiarity with the great grace of God, I never cease to wonder at it. – C.H. Spurgeon”

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