Justin Bieber Still Wants To Be Selena Gomez’s Lobster He’s ‘Eaten Up’

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selena-gomez-justin-bieber-amore-relazioneSelena Gomez and Zedd have been getting pretty close over the last couple of weeks and Justin Bieber isn’t happy about it. In fact he’s actually having his buddies check her social media, regularly, in order to try and keep an eye on the possible relationship between DJ Zedd and Selena Gomez.

HollywoodLife.com learned EXCLUSIVELY that Justin Bieber has his hopes set on that relationship not getting serious because it’s “eating him up inside,” and we’re learning that it’s freaking him out—big time, an insider stated:

“Justin can’t stop thinking about Selena and Zedd. He’s become obsessed with them as a couple, and he’s driving himself crazy with ‘what if’s and should haves’. He feels like he royally screwed up and has maybe lost Selena for good. This is the first time he’s ever admitted that possibility and it’s eating him up inside. He wants to know what Selena and Zedd talk about and how serious they are. He’s freaking out that she may be falling really hard for him,”

Aw, Justin can’t stop thinking about Selena and Zedd. That tells me he’s her LOBSTER, just like Ross was Rachel’s lobster in F.R.I.E.N.D.S

What do you guys think is going to happen? Should they give their romance another shot? Do you think Zedd was being a bad friend? What do you hope the outcome is?

Well, we know we hope for the best for this crazy love triangle.

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