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The Beginning Of My Muscle Fitness Journey To Losing 70 Pounds

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Muscle And Fitness
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Muscle And Fitness

Oh gosh, how many years has it been—like two years. In 2012 I remember stepping on the scale and seeing the dreaded number that haunted my life for a year, 167lbs—for my height and size I was considered to be “obese,” and I knew it was time for something to change. Desperately, I looked all over the place for ways to lose weight.

I remember even doing the cabbage diet at one point which honestly was the worst diet you could ever due for your health—you put the weight right back on afterward, IF you’re not REALLY careful. But it’s a proven fact that when people reach a goal they get the mentality that “oh, just this one time wont’ hurt,” and the trend continues on—just like it did for me.

Everyday was Carls Jr, Wendys, Mickey Dee’s, Arbys and so many other places. And even though I knew it was out of contorl I didn’t care because frankly, I didn’t love myself. Dad, was always calling me fat so I accepted it—maybe he did it to try to save me or something, I don’t know.

The journey started with P90X because I was way to ashamed to go out into a gym—it felt intimating and gave me so much anxiety. The workout kicked my ass the first week—literally. Unfortunately, on two days at least during the week pain medicine was needed. It was a damn good workout and I wasn’t about to quit—I had drive, that will remain personal.

Muscle and fitness will work hand-in-hand when you decide it’s time to make a change. So many people think that if you lift weights you are going to bulk up, it’s false—you will burn more fat and replace that fat with lean muscle mass—there’s nothing bulky about that at all, especially if you are a female. We just don’t have the same hormones as men, ladies—stop worrying. And men they have their protein and different supplements to help them build muscle mass(although, not all body builders use them), and have testosteronieeee, haha—that’ll help them bullk up.

If you’re ready to make a change start of small. And if your focusing on muscle and fitness weightlifting and cardio will be your absolute best friend. Tomorrow, I will be posting some awesome ways to stay motivated and on top of your workout—these things helped me lose over 70lbs. And now it’s time for you to learn the tricks and NONE OF THEM involve buy this, read this, do that, etc. I’m giving you the secrets because I want to help the world become a better place.

See you all tomorrow.


Laurara Monique

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