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My Best Friend

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He’s only twenty-three

Full life ahead of him.

He hates work because the people there discredit him.

His best friend tried to show him

Its not how it seems.

But everyday he’s lowered with his self esteem

His best friend lets him know there’ll be a brighter day.

He even tried to overdose to take his life away.

Hopeless, sitting in his bed, wishing life away.

Tried to save him but with every word he still resists…

I’m scared to death Dray…. why won’t you understand.

And then I see the scars, I see the tears and all the pain.

I beg and plead

Please don’t leave me here in vain.

Twenty-three and his

long life ahead of him.

if only he’d understand.

That’s how I control the pain besty

You’ve gotta understand—

Screaming at him telling him how much

I disagree Besty. theres always a better way.

I know your heart is hurting

You think the road has to end

You might wanna end it but

You can do anything…

My brother left me here

Careless and in vain.

I could have saved him he yelled

At me in the end.

He couldn’t do it anymore Dray

He sent you that letter….

With anger in his heart.

Wrote he loved her and quickly jumped away.

And then the train hit him…

And blew his life away.

Besty let me tell you.

From one soul to another.

You’re life is just beginning

And you’ll always have your brother.

Remember who you are.

And all he ever wanted.
By death he didn’t mean forever.

But forever is what he landed.

My heart started gunning

When I saw read your last text.

I couldn’t imagine my life

Without a friend to protect.

Let’s take a step forward

And start a new day.

Because dray.

I know. There will be a day.

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