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The Diagnosis

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The Diagnosis

A Story by Laura Monique Margosian

Year: 2008




“A little smile, a word of cheer, A bit of love from someone near, A little prayer from someone dear, it kept him here.”




Snow came pouring down on New York City tonight. The frosty air admitted itself on the surface of many car windows. As you walked past it sparkled much like a newly shined diamond. This was the beauty of the first winter frost. Children found themselves building their versions of Frosty The Snow Man, and having their very first snowball fight of the year–soon enough they found themselves inside cuddled up next to their mothers sipping on hot coco.

It was only but last year when Sorin found himself sick on Christmas Eve. The doctors worked hard to determine his diagnosis. His mother sat next to him with glistening eyes as worried as a mother could be. He laid in his bed with a big bump on his lip, his face was sweaty, and his eyes watery. He was still as gorgeous as any child good be, with his deep brown eyes, and beautiful eye lashes that any girl would give an arm for.

“Ma am I going to be okay?” Not letting a second pass by she grabbed his soft little hands and held them tight. “Baby, your going to be okay” She didn’t know for sure–but she prayed and hoped.

Fountain Pen hospital was the best in New York this time of year. She some how found herself back here three days before Christmas with her little Sorin. It was understood last year that her only baby was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was harder this year then last. The hospital was filled this year. “ A lot of kids are sick this year, I couldn’t tell you why if I tried” Dr. Samson tried to comfort Julie in her findings that her son was on the verge of meeting Jesus. “We will do everything we can to give Sorin a chance for Christmas this year” He continued. “Dr. Samson” although it was hard for her to spit these words out she did. “ Please, don’t take my baby away from me this year. “ The words spilled out of her as tears began to fall. Dr. Samson placed his hand on Julies shoulder, and brought her in for a hug. “ I’ll do everything I can, I promise.”

The hospital had a lot of activities for the kids. The ones that had energy had so much fun meeting Santa. Julie sat and watched Sorin. He smiled as if nothing was wrong. “Honey, you should sit down” He didn’t want too. He picked up a piece of paper that was outlined with the Hospital’s name. “Mama, you shouldn’t cry” Sorin kissed her damp cheek. “ I know I’m sick Mama, but I’m going to ask Santa for something special this year.” Sorin placed a pen and scribbled some letters that made just enough sense for someone to read.

“Dear Santa,

This yer I am stick I wants tu be hear four Christmas leyek last year. Please talk to God. For my mama.

-Sorin Jacobs”

Sorin folded the note hamburger style, and handed it to his mom. “Please, don’t read it Mama. It’s a surprise, can we go see Santa.” Santa was down in the lobby meeting with anxious little boys, and girls. They walked quickly down to the lobby. A lot quicker than Julie thought Sorin could go. Oh–how big his eyes got when he spotted Santa and his little elves. That’s the happiest he’s been all year. He quickly ran up to Santa and sat on his welcoming lap. “Santa!” He threw his arms around Santa’s neck. “Merry Christmas Sorin.” Sorin always wondered how Santa really knew his name. He must be real he thought. Signing up to see Santa was what really gave it away. “ What can I do for you this year” Santa continued. “ This is for you Santa. He handed Sorin a candy cane, and read the note. Santa’s eyes filled up and glistened at this boy. This was the first boy that did this to him. “I’ll do what I can for you my boy” He handed Sorin a toy Truck, and hugged him tightly.

Santa asked for a second to himself, and the line was on hold for the moment. He picked his jolly self up and went into the back of one of the hospital rooms. Santa knelt down placing his elbows on the bed. His fingers intertwined, and began to pray. “Dear heavenly father, I’ll never forget the look on his face when I closed his note. Please bless Sorin, and his family. Help that he will get through until at least Christmas. See, he’s been sick for quite awhile, and I’m sure he wants to be with his family this special day. God bless every child in this hospital that they can become healthy with you one day again. Could you father bless this boy, and his family. Amen” It was the first and only present this Santa ever actually went through with. After picking himself off his knees he went and handed Sorin’s mom the letter in secret. “This was the first gift I could actually give a child. Without feeling like I didn’t give the others anything. I promise you, that your little boy just gave every kid in this room a gift.” Julie had no idea what Santa was talking about–while she hadn’t read the note yet. She opened it up and read the words as quickly as possible. Sorin was playing with his new big yellow truck. “Santa” She took his hand. “Thank you” Santa prayed for each child in this room tonight. Sorin gave them all a gift.

The Jacobs made their way back to their room, and the snow was still pouring down on the city. “Mama, I want to build a snow man.” A wish that couldn’t be given so soon. “We will but right now you need to rest.” His mom smiled and kissed Sorin on the for head. She closed her eyes and grabbed his hand again. “ Dr. Samson came in and gave Jacob his medicine. It was time for him to take a nap. Soon enough Sorin was out. “Julie, the chances are slim this year” the news broke her heart. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. As Dr. Samson walked out she watched her boy sleep. He smiled every time he dreamed.

The next morning Sorin awoke and was happier than ever.  “How are you mama?” He sat up quickly, and gave his mom a big hug and kiss. He was ready for breakfast. “ I’m doing good, how are you feeling?” She was very hopeful today while he just seemed to be getting more and more energy. “ I’m great mama. I feel great, and I’m not so sick anymore” Julie knew that he was just a kid, and they could say anything they wanted too. “Really?” But she still questioned him. “ Jesus told me I’m okay mama. “ He went on, and on about the dream he had. It didn’t sound like a story he could make up. “ He touched my hand Mama, He closed his eyes, and talked to me afterwards.” The story spread around the hospital by the time night came. Sure enough they’d find out the truth soon. Tomorrow after all is Christmas.

The next day came quickly for Julie as she awaited Sorin to wake up. Snow had fallen for two days and she hadn’t been out of the hospital for almost a week. Eight o’ clock rolled around and Sorin still didn’t wake up from his slumber. She began to cry, and squeeze his hand. He was breathing but he wouldn’t wake up. She closed her eyes, and laid her head down on the corner of his bed. “ Mama…. Wh.. Why are you crying?” Surprised shocked, the nurses couldn’t believe it. The Leukemia was bad, and had attacked his body. It was nearly impossible for him to be alive today. Not only today, but for while other year. Sorin lasted through the Christmas after this. Well, God gave him another year to be with his family. As well as the other kids all but one were awake this Christmas morning.




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