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The Life Of Jesus And Who We Are Today

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The Life of JesusA popular question among society for centuries has been “Why should anybody choose to be a Christian?” Christianity is about agency and choice. God gave us the blessing of being able to choose between right and wrong—with the result of consequences. The main reason Satan was cast out of heaven depended heavily on agency. And the life of Jesus is a perfect example.

Jesus Christ led a life of humbleness—he was thankful, loving and he gave to the poor. Jesus didn’t focus his life on materialistic items of the world, beautiful women, sex, drugs and other things that tend to take you from HIS light. Christ led in a way where he wasn’t forceful—by example. And it’s a proven fact that you can lead by example, change the hearts of the cold and perform miracles if you just manged to see people through the same eyes Christ does.

The purpose(in my mind), for religion is to help strength you. Times in life are never going to be easy and it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or whether you are poor. God has bestowed trials into your life based upon the choices you decide to make. And that’s how it should be in every personal relationship within your life.

If more people walked, talked and thought like Christ then maybe this world would be a better place. He’s left us the biggest give the country has every aquired—The Bible. And so many people push it aside as if it’s just another Twilight series that’s falling out of the fad. The life of Jesus will never be just a “trend.”

And if folks would believe more and work on not being biased, everyone would get along. They say “an eye for an eye and the world would be blind,” so why are we allowing each other to take away the vision of Christ and who he was—when we can be just like him?

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