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The Lost Friend

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The Lost Friend

“ Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile, leave foot prints in our hearts, and we are never, ever the same again. Some of these changes are probably the best you’ll ever get, and learn from”

Ritchelle, and I had been friends for  about two years. We were constantly by each others side in middle school, and I had trusted her with the world. Life never seemed dull when we were together. If you were looking for one of us, you would most defiantly find the both of us. We weren’t  the most popular kids in the school, or the most loved, but atleast we had eachother. I learned a lot from her, and she learned a lot from me. Unfortantly to this day we are not friends anymore, but not because of what one of us did to one another. It’s all because of the choices and trials we made In our lives.

It all started—a nice Friday, we were both pretty excited for the day, and Ritchelle, had told me she had some friends she wanted me to meet. Made me really curious because we were always together, so who could she have possibly wanted me to meet that we both didn’t already associate with. She told me they were from a Dance class she was taking outside of school.

“Cool” I thought to myself, I was kind of jealous at the thought that she had outside friends after all. She was the only one I would ever hang out with. It was okay though.

“When and where are we meeting them?” I asked her in a tone of voice that she sensed I wasn’t as excited as I should have been. It was as if she wanted me to be jumping for joy. Maybe—meeting new people wouldn’t be so bad. I tried to trick myself into the thought that it would be okay. But some strange feeling said it wasn’t good. Deep inside, deep down, I was crumbling, espeically after she started to explain.

“Well—That’s the best part, we are meeting them down town, Club 91.” She sounded more excited than she ever had around me. I wasn’t understand. Club 91? Wasn’t that a over twenty—one ?

“Don’t you have to be twenty one to get into there?” I asked her curiously.

“Yeah, but their brother works there, so we can even get in for free, it’s a ravers party, and there will be all sorts of things”  Her eyes widened, and then she gasped, and continued.
“Even Tony Larsen, ohhh—he’s so cute. He’s Marrisa’s brother. “ She turned flush red.

“If He’s Marrisa’s brother doesn’t that mean he is like twenty—two?” I hesitated to let those words slip out afraid of the answer. I was more afarid of the answer than asking.

“Yes! Isn’t that dreamy?!” Her cell phone began to ring, and I knew who it would be. Okay, don’t be a wuss. I thought. Just suck up to night, and try to talk to her tommrow or something. How am I going to explain going to a club? We are only sixteen. Something inside me was telling me no.  Okay, so I grew up LDS, and I knew for  a fact that we weren’t even supposed to be really dating outside of group dates. She was too. I don’t know what has gotten into her lately. She has blown me off a few times. But I didn’t really think much of it.

“Chelle, don’t you think we should just go see a movie or something, just the girls and us? I mean should you really be going to a club? Or—seeing someone that is if I may say much older than you? “

She got this furious look on her face, as if she knew I was going to say something like that. She slammed her phone shut, and began getting her shoes on.

“Look if your not going to go, you don’t have too. This is why  I didn’t invite you the first time. You are so embarassing as a friend, and I don’t know when your going to grow up out of your little “Churchy, Mormon phase” Grow up, and do something wild, or your going to end up like all those other people always waiting till marriage, not drinking, and having any fun at all. “ She was going off,  she was upsetting me when did she start saying this was all bull crap? I mean she never would be the type of person to throw her religion to the floor?

“What ? How—can you even say that? Are you drinking? Are you having sex? What have you done with this guy? That’s rape you know?! “ I Questioned her a number of times and she would just ignore me. She wouldn’t even tell me. I didn’t know who she was right now. I had no idea where she had come from or where this little attitude developed. She—was so fake around me then. If she had been doing all that, and not telling me.. This hurt.

“I don’t want you to come so you might as well go home” she shouted, and opend the door for me. I grabbed my book bag, and left her house. Half way in tears. I had no idea what had just happened besides the fact that my best friend had been drinking, maybe having sex, and dating someone that is so old. I knew the feeling in  my stomach wasn’t good. I had to listen to it though.  As I walked into my house my mom had caught a glimpse of my cries, and sniffing.

“What’s wrong?” She asked me in the mortherly tone I couldn’t even dare lie too.

“Ritchelle, and I seem to have had a fight. She doesn’t want to hang out with me anymore—she’s dating this older guy, going to clubs, and hanging out with these girls that I know are bad. Mom, I got a bad feeling when she said she wanted me to meet them. A feeling deep down that told me to stay away, and I never get that feeling with her. Never. I don’t’ know what it is. I wish I knew what it was—and  “

My Mom didn’t act very surprised, she grinned at me, and intrupted my sentence.

“Her mom had told me something bout’ that, and I think you two have just made to separate decisions. You had a trial put in front of you tonight. Whether or not you were to sneak into this club with your best friend, and be friends with people that do the wrong things. Sometimes its hard . I understand that. I’m proud of you for listening to your heart. You have the spirit with you, and god gave you that to help you. I’m glad you listend”

She was right. I was given a trial tonight. I knew that feeling wasn’t just something I should ignore.  I went up to my room after talking to my mom for a bit, and layed in my bed. I prayed for her. I asked god to for give her for anything she’s done, and I fell sleep.

I hadn’t talked ot her since that last Friday night, she didn’t call me, and I didn’t call her. I had no idea why I didn’t I was worried.  I called after Church, and her mom had picked up the phone, and was crying.
Her mom went on in tears explain to me that She got a call at 4 in the morning that her daughter was in the hospital. She didn’t even have her license, and her mom said she got into a car wreck because she was drunk this didn’t make sense to me.  I hung up the phone, and begged my mom to take me to the hospital to see her. Maybe now she would listen to me! My mom wouldn’t take me and her eyes were all full of water.

“Mom! What is wrong?!” I asked scared.

She wouldn’t tell me she wouldn’t even talk. I didn’t get what was going on. They weren’t telling me something. I think deep down I knew exactly what they weren’t telling me and I didn’t want to accept it.
I couldn’t she couldn’t be. She was just there a night ago!

“Mom Is she?”  I couldn’t believe it my mom picked her head up and nodded yes. I couldn’t believe it why.  I went to church every Sunday after that and prayed to god for an answer as to why he would let this happen to her.

A night later I went to sleep, and woke up with a feeling of relief. I may have lost a friend, but she left her foot prints in my heart,and taught me that some trials are harder than others, and when you continuously make the same mistake, it can lead you to greater pain. Pain that is beyond understanding. The Holy Ghost is given to you to help you avoid that pain, and those choices, and when you listen you have the chance to live a long and happy life.

Those girls, in the car with her by the way did end up partying and drinking again, and before you knew it they took one more innocent soul, and trashed it. I feel bad for every poor girl that lets the devil in her heart, because he can control each and every decision you make if you let him.

Be strong in your trials and Listen to God, when he speaks.

2008 Laurara Monique


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