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Most Important Weight Training Tips For Weight Loss

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Weight loss matters! It’s the new year and many people have decided to create a goal to gain some muscle and lose some of that blubber—welcome to the right place. We are going to introduce you to some of the best weight training tips for weight loss and help you reach your fitness goals. Fitness should be considered a life-style, never consider it just a “diet,” because diets come to an end and a proper life-style doesn’t. Have you ever been to the gym just a days straight during your supposed “diet,” and then vanish off the gym’s global grid? We’ve all done it so don’t be ashamed.

Let’s get started:


1. Have a Journal Ready With A Plan For Weight Loss

A lot of people have better chances of success if they have a journal ready with a plan ready to go—meaning set goals. It’s important to take your beginning measurements before starting any type of exercise. Measure everything from your bicep, waist, etc. Sometimes it really depends on where you are trying to gain mass and lose fat.(We hope that your goal is overall body health and there will be a guide for measurements listed as well). If you have goals that are attainable then the chances of you attaining that weight loss goal for summer of 2015 is right on track.

2.  Setting Attainable Goals For Weight Loss

When you’re in the process of setting goals think about all the short term goals you are capable of reaching. Listing things like:

  • Lose 2lbs in two weeks.
  • Set a new bench max.
  • Go to the gym every other day.
  • Try to eat healthy.
  • Be positive.
  • Focus.
  • She the bigger picture.

When you set small goals like losing 2lbs in two weeks, being positive and focusing on the bigger picture, you’re more likely to reach your goals. Remember to always be positive.

3. Stay OFF The Scale

We cannot stress this enough—when you are looking to lose weight STAY OFF the scale. The first and last time you should touch the scale is the day you take your ‘fit test,’ and the day you check to see if you’ve reached your goals. There are numerous reasons why it’s important to stay of the scale such as:

  • When you begin working out it might look like your gaining weight.
  • If your body loses weight at a slower pace, you might get discouraged.
  • You’ll be even more surprised when weigh in time comes and you see you were able to reach most—if not all of your
    weight loss goals.
  • You’ll feel happier not constantly monitoring your weight.

4. Remember To Go At Your Own Pace

It’s very important to go into exercise very slowly—and always discuss any exercise routine with your provider. If you have any heart disease, asthma or past surgeries, especially. You wouldn’t want
to make a situation out of something that could have been avoided to begin with—just be safe. If you are experienced then it’s important to monitor your heart rate and never go above what your max heart
rate is because believe it or not you COULD have a heart attack from putting stress on the cardiac muscles.

5. Be Persistent And Devoted

First, if you’re not going to be devoted you’re wasting your time. You need to be persistent and very patient when working hard to build muscle. And it’s very important to be patient with your-self
when you have weight loss goals in mind—all people are different. That means, if you’re pairing up with a friend and he/she just happens to gain faster than you or their weight loss is more significant
it just means your body is completely different. Persistence, endurance and  devotion are your best friends.

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