My Personal Journey With Depression, Benzodiazepines And Weight Loss

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By lauraramonique

Depression Depression has been a leading cause in the rise of suicide all around the world. And the problem isn’t ALL the individuals fault. We’ve heard it before:

“If you’re so depressed then why don’t you do something to change it? I don’t feel sorry for anyone that’s depressed, has an addiction, a terrible life or struggles with money because they deserve it if they won’t stand up and make some changes.” believe it or not there are people in the world that have the type of mentality that will assume people make depression, anxiety and sadness up in their minds for attention.

The truth is that’s far from the case—depression is a real disease and it can take lives. Depression IS a murderer. And the only solution that many providers come up with are prescribing a ridiculous amount of medicine to combat the supposed “chemical imbalance,” within your brain. But have you ever stopped to think how magical the human anatomy system really is? I mean it’s functions are extraordinary and your body was made to AUTOMATICALLY know how to heal it-self. So why are we putting all these foreign substances in our bodies?

Let’s take a look at some random fact’s about prescription side-effects. And trust us the irony will amuse you. But we’re pretty sure that it will also terrify you.


Side-Effect’s of Benzodiazepines
(these are drugs prescribed for anxiety).

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • nightmares
  • sleep disturbances
  • Immune system problems
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • De-realization
  • Poor memory and cognition
  • Increased risk in attempting suicide
  • Contributions to job loss, unemployment, loss of work through illness
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Addiction

An interesting fact that you will learn about my life—currently I’m detoxing from this destructive medication. And it’s only due to my own abuse of the drug during high anxiety times. If you are familiar with my website then you know where that comes from. And if you don’t check out “My Mother Married A Monster,” you’ll then better understand why benzo’s became an every part of my life. But when I found out that the medication causes EVERYTHING it’s supposed to TREAT—it was time for me to divorce this demon.

Waking up in the morning has been hell—I feel like I’m going crazy half the time and my anxiety it’s at the highest peak, especially in the morning. Then I remember my very vivid dream. How could I forget having a dream about someone I hadn’t seen in years. I felt like crying or punching a wall. And frankly I was tired of having these “Intrusive memories.” Then I was lucky and found a website that knew how to answer this for me simply.

derealizationIntrusive memories. A fascinating symptom in patients undergoing benzodiazepine withdrawal is that they often mention the occurrence of what seem to be intrusive memories. Their minds will suddenly conjure up a vivid memory of someone they have not thought about or seen for years. Sometimes the other person’s face will appear when looking in the mirror. The memory seems uncalled for and may recur, intruding on other thoughts. The interesting thing about these memories is that they often start to occur at the same time that vivid dreams appear; these may be delayed until one or more weeks after the dosage tapering has started. Since recent sleep research indicates that certain stages of sleep (REMS and SWS) are important for memory functions, it is likely that the dreams and the memories are connected. In both cases the phenomena may herald the beginning of a return in normal memory functions and, although sometimes disturbing, can be welcomed as a sign of a step towards recovery.

They also go on to state that poor memory, concentration will be a HUGE feature in benzo hell. Individuals that are looking to help someone with withdrawal should be aware they will have to repeat encouragements, a lot, week after week, because the comforting words you once spoke are now forgotten—due to benzo hell.

And the demon is taking me to court and burning me alive right now. (There’s a place for this drug in the world but not when providers are handing it out like candy. It’s very dangerous and can alter someone’s life for the worst). I remember joining in 2010 because it was a place for me to release my depression and get some good advice on tapering the medication. Little did I know quitting the prescription without a tapper is life-threatening. Lucky for me, I was in the Emergency Room when learning that wonderful fact.

The Benzo Hell you are going to experience during the taper—expect major depression. And let your body do it’s natural healing. The human body performs miracles on a daily basis and in order to understand how to combat depression without the use of pills, you need to bring to light just how powerful the body truly can be, even under extreme circumstances. The worse that benzo hell becomes you can congratulate yourself because that means your nervous system is starting to work by it’s self again.

A lot of people wonder just how bad Benzo Hell is and we have a perfect example for those of you that haven’t been addicting to Benzo’s but have a loved one who is depressed and taking these medications.
REMEMBER: TOLERANCE always happens, these drugs were meant to be taken for a short amount of time, not long-term. ALL these symptoms will eventually appear due to tolerance. That’s why TAPERING is IMPORTANT for a healthy life-style. If you are looking to shake-off that terrible depression then it’s time to take a step forward. Here a few pictures to give you an example to address the seriousness with Benzo Hell.


Alcohol can be quite the detox process and it’s terribly miserable. And Benzo Hell is easily compared to alcohol withdrawal. It’s important to understand that if you are going to start a taper you CANNOT DRINK ALCOHOL, it will exacerbate the whole situation and set you back for a more PAINFUL withdrawal. Alcohol-Withdrawal

Be patient and DO NOT try to comfort your-self with another substance. There are better ways to help cope, gyming, reading, running, playing basketball, journal or even make YouTube videos about your journey. It’s important to distract that mind of yours and keep your mind focused on the big picture.

Stay far, far, far, extremely far, very far away from alcohol AT ALL COSTS.

We verb was going to the gym as often as possible to help ease the symptoms. They were terrible but in doing so I was able to lose 70lbs.

Fighting the demon on the gym battle grounds were much easier than laying in bed and sitting in the house all day. Plus, who doesn’t like a little weight loss.

If you have any questions and would like advice you’re welcome to email me directly:

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