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McDonalds Will Begin Accepting Love as Legal Tender

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56684190Baa da da da daaaaaa, we’re loving’ it—and McDonalds is paying it forward this year. After being loyal customers to the famous food chain since it’s inception, they are going to implement a new type of payment starting this February. And the payment method is going to surprise you because it’s so unique and wonderful. Are you excited yet?

McDonalds across the country are going to start accepting LOVE as a new form of tender. And while it might not be legal tender it’s the best kind of tender—ah love. And it’s all starting in just two days, Feb 2. – Feb 14 you might be stopped at your local McDonalds and asked to pay in a different way.

So before you head over to the fast food chain, make sure you check out the video so you are prepared. And remember, it’s always important to do EXACTLY what McDonalds is promoting because life is really short and you never know when your last day could be.

Chhhhhheck out the video below. And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts! Are you lovin’ it ?



[yt4wp-video video_id=”LnBAp_G3SyA”]

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