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Acting Made These Celebrities The Richest In 2015

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Acting Made These Celebrities The Richest In 2015

Celebrities have to work long hours, memorize lines and they get every single moment of their life recorded. It’s already a new year and we were able to compile a list of the 10 richest celebrities. Now maybe you can start scoping your sweet-heart out based on their wallet. We all have “the celebrity exception,” right? (No, I didn’t just say that—or type it, whatever). Anyways, get ready for this awesome list of Top 10 richest celebrities in Hollywood in 2015.

1. Angelina Jolie
($120-million green ones).

This woman is gorgeous, talented and loving—she volunteers like she breaths. And we’re pretty sure if it weren’t for her self-less heart she would be number one on the list. Angelina Jolie is a talented actress, film director, author and screenwriter. And she’s won THREE Golden Globes(just getting nominated for one of those things is an honor), an Academy Award and she’s made the list of highest-paid actress three different years, 2009, 2011 and 2013.

2. Drew Blyth Barrymore
($125-million green ones).

Another powerful woman in the film industry is Drew Barrymore. She’s taken part in many different branches of the film industry including, acting, directing, writing, modeling, producing and screenwriting. And if that’s not talent we’re not sure what is considered to be talent. Her debut film happened in 1980, Altered States. Then she got her big role in E.T (eeeeetttt phoneee homeeee, no I didn’t just say that). Aside from all those amazing facts, she has also won awards including the Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe—for best actress. It’s no surprise she’s got money in the bank.

3. Robert Downey Jr.
($140 million green ones)

Robert, oh Robert how that smile is infectious—and so is his wallet. Robert Downey Jr. has been working hard acting since he was five years old. His first film was “Pound,” was directed by his own father. Robert has been through a lot of trials during his time, especially in the year 2000 when he ended up a substance abuse facility to heal. And sure enough he has landed on the Forbes list as highest paid actor with just an estimate of $75 million in 2012 and 2013.

4. Jennifer Aniston
($150 million green ones)

Jennifer Aniston is best known for her role as Rachel in the hit television series FRIENDS. She’s had so many awards it’s crazy. She’s even received an Emmy Award. The lucky gal has also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And she was once even voted “Sexiest Woman of All Time,” by Men’s Health Magazine. We’re pretty sure we agree with Men’s Health Magazine. She’s pretty gorgeous and great at acting. Although, she has had a few questionable roles—Aniston has done nothing but continue to impress the industry.

5. Drew Carey
($165 million green ones)

Who else remembers watching the “Drew Carey Show,” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” But did you know that Drew was apart of the U.S Marine Corps and a stand-up comedian prior to acting. And he’s also been doing some photography. He’s a super busy guy and stays off the tabloids but he sure does have a deep pocket.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio
($200 million green ones)

This one should surprise anyone as Leonardo Dicaprio has been in many amazing films. And his pockets  can do the talk because at 200-million-dollars, there’s no way you suck at acting. So… Leo wanna hangout sometime?

7. Adam Sandler
($300 million green ones)

Jus, jussss ta ta tappp in it Adam Sandler—a hole in one wins! But this guy doesn’t need to win any golfing tournaments because he has $300 million-dollars in the bank. Adam Sandler is one of the most well known actors in Hollywood and he’s always making his fans watch. We can’t think of one movie he didn’t do well in. Congrats to his success and happiness.

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