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The Top Five Greatest Avengers

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1. Captain America


It would be nearly impossible to not have Captain America as part of the Avengers. He’s one excellent leader and the group appreciates him—he’s always bringing out the best and treating everyone as equals. We felt Captain America deserved to take the top spot. After all, he’s nearly impossible to beat during combat.

Woo, go Captain America.

2. Iron Man



Tony Stark is an essential part of the Avengers team and without him it would also be unreal. It’s his unique and interesting personality that we have always loved about Iron man.  We love his flaws, perfections and other aspect he brings to the table because even his troubles with alcohol can relate to the audience. He’s just an excellent character for the Avengers and an excellent character for the audience to adore.

3.  Hulk


The big green giant Hulk—imaging the Avengers without him IS IMPOSSIBLE. The Hulk will always be a founding member of the Avengers and respected one at that. We’re glad to say he made the list—and let’s be honest, it’s not really a surprise.

4. Wolverine


DId you know that Wolverine was a character that wasn’t even supposed to be an Avenger? And then suddenly he joined in during the Bendis era. Wolverine has been a favorite to many though-out the years and he’s always going to be a key member of the X-Men—but he’s becoming more know as an Avenger.

5. Namor



That’s right, Namor made the list because he some what of a wild card to Marvel and it’s fun because you never know when he’s going to jump into the picture as a hero or antagonist. And sometimes he can even play the part of both. An amazing Avenger and a well deserved spot on the list of the top-five.

Who do you THINK the top five Avengers should be? Check out Buzzfeed’s excellent list and let us both know what you think!

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