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Local Celebrities Weston And Stephanie Romero Are Grand Example Of Love

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Salt Lake City, UT is home to many young couples who are married. And whose to say how old you have to be when you fall in love? These two are the most amazing, loving and nurturing parents for their little darling.  And they have been a positive influence among social media for the longest time. We just have to commend them both for their amazing abilities to smile, be happy and always staying positive—nearly every status update is a reason to smile.  And over to the right we have a perfect example of just how much fun the three are having. weston-baby_thumb.png

Not only are they the most POSITIVE couple on my social media, they are excellent parents to a beautiful girl. And it doesn’t stop there the two are always out looking to make other’s smile. Weston started off the new-year by letting the world know he wanted to start a “pay it forward,” train. He wanted to get five people on board and do something special for them. But the tables turn because the person he surprises has to do something for five other people and so forth.

Life is constant and it’s never the same—changes are a part of every day living. And sometimes, it’s hard to adjust to change. But if I had to pick on example of constant love, it’s going to be this epic update to Stephanie Romero from her love.

It might not have been throw back Thursday but to Weston, memories of his darling wife are a celebration EVERYDAY.

“It’s not Thursday, but I don’t really care. During lunch, I found myself looking at some of me and Stephanie Bergstrom-Romero’s old pictures. Seeing us as a couple before we were married, look a lot different than pictures of us taken lately; and I don’t mean weight, hairstyle, or anything like that. I mean by the way we looked at each other, the way we smiled, laughed, danced. It’s quite refreshing to see and reminds me why I fell in love with her in the first place.

wes n his wifeySince …this picture, a lot has changed… & I mean A LOT! We got married, moved in together, eventually got an apartment together, bought a house, had a beautiful baby girl, career changes, and so many other little things. The one thing that I didn’t realize was changing, was the guy Stephanie originally fell in love with. Not just physically, but my attitude changed, my mentality, my ambition, motivation. It all had changed, and unfortunately for the worse. Although I can say I am still a positive thinker and a hard worker, I cannot say that I am who I used to be. People change, that’s normal. But when you are not happy with who you’ve become, how can you expect someone else to be happy with that? You can’t & you shouldn’t. Work harder to be that person you want to be!

That all being said… I made a promise 2 years ago, not only to Stephanie through our vows; but to Stephanie’s mom in a song I played for Stephanie on our wedding day.

“I promise that I’ll take good care of her, I’ll be everything that a husband should be, I’ll open her doors and walk closest to the street. I’ll tell her that I love her a 1,000 times a day, always protect her and keep her out of harms way”.

A lot has changed, yes. Being financially responsible aside, raising a child is the greatest and most important responsibility there is as a parent. And just like any couple out there with a child, it has tested our relationship; more than it has ever been. What I have learned from all of this, is that no matter what changes; you can’t let your love for one another change, if not grow stronger. That single thing is what brought us together in the first place. You don’t purchase a plant, expecting it to live without nurturing. You continue to feed and water it, the same way you did from day one.

Stephanie, I am sorry if I lost sight of that, but I promise I am going to do a better job of making you smile, taking you out, and all together making you happy. You have been such an amazing mother to Ava, and an amazing wife to me. You don’t deserve anything less, than to smile and be happy! I love you.”

Today in the studio we are going to congratulate this amazing local celebrity couple, Weston and Stephanie thank you for always being a positive light in your families, friends and acquaintances lives. it doesn’t go un-noticed and from now on your legacy of love will be forever seen by the world to use as an example.


Never forget to love, to forgive and to press on because in this life, if you’re lucky enough—you fall in love and that person will love you back, forever.


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