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Hollywood Life Reporters Disrespectfully Tear Justin Bieber Down

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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been busy making some great positive life changes this year—and we are super proud of him. We recently learned from Hollywood Life that Zedd apparently isn’t intimidated by Justin Bieber. And Hollywood Life completely tore Justin apart stating:

“This is just Justin taking care of Justin.” First off, how can you be so cruel to report on someone who could possibly be feeling a lot of heart break? Second, can we just touch on the subject that Selena, Justin and Zedd are all still young adults, growing up and learning how to live life, within the Industry. And all this Hollywood reporting tearing down everyone who makes a simple mistake is unacceptable. And while we are entitled to our opinions, isn’t putting people down for “gossip,” essentially making money off people’s misery?

Hollywood life has completely lost our views and respect for their reporting because when you can be comfortable talking shit about other people to put money in your pockets, when you don’t even really KNOW THE FACTS—then you’re all workers of the devil. You keep up that bullying and more hard working, talented celebs are bound to become depressed. That’s NOT what this life is about. And we’re sickened by the way that Hollywood life reporters tear Justin Bieber down.

How about that Hollywood Life? Next time you decide to tear someone down who is truly trying to make a change, take a damn look in the mirror and your past relationships and mistakes. How would you feel if you were put on blast every day?

Just Bieber hasn’t been just talking the talk—he has ultimately made changes in his life to SHOW that he wants to be a better man. Justin Bieber was very blunt putting him self out there for the whole world to see, hear and feel those deep emotions. And it doesn’t matter if Justin has decided to “wake up,” merely because he isn’t dating Selena at the moment. In this life it takes some people time to open there eyes and get away from the havoc in life. And the chaos in Hollywood doesn’t make maintaining a relationship any easier.

And we thought High-School drama stopped there—boy were we wrong. We hope that Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and DJ Zedd will be able to reach all their biggest dreams, successes and motivations.

Hollywood Life Reporters Disrespectfully Tear Justin Bieber Down. And we want to know how you feel about this? Because we think it’s unacceptable!

Bless be you three!

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