Justin Bieber’s roast is going to “Destroy” Him

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justin-bieber-140812Justin Bieber is about to be roasted on Comedy Central as you probably have heard. Last Wednesday the Biebs released a heartfelt apology to his fans saying that he’s done pretending. He let out a lot of emotions and it worried a lot of fans and we do hope the pop star will be ok. However, his roast is still on, by his suggestion. Jeffrey Ross, one of Comedy Central’s roasters, was asked about the interview. Ross said that Justin Bieber is an adult and there will be no holding back and that it is going to be a great roast, and they will destroy Justin Bieber. Roasts can be very harsh, but they are generally light hearted and only done to those who can really make fun of themselves. Although after whats been going on in Justin’s Life it may seem scary to fling insults at him as he’s not going through a great time, but it may actually be just what he needs. A good laugh, at himself, to help him see the next days through. He is very humble for going through with this, and it’s nice to see Justin Bieber in a new light, and not the incredibly negative light we normally see the Canadian star.

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