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Trauma Dragon A Celebrity Survival Story

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“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


Emergency Medical Technicians That Saved Abi.

In this life we learn about it’s natural rhythm, orderly yet tenacious and fragile. And if you can keep this in mind survival would be nothing more than making one of two decisions. First, you can choose to just exist or you can choose to be great. And if it’s anything we have learned from local Celebrity Abigayle Ottley is that life can be taken away from you at an instant. We are never promised another second, minute or hour. And that’s why it’s important to take this journey of life and press on. A life journey might be a thousand miles but they always begin with a single step, surviving.

And sometimes it doesn’t matter how tough you are, nobody will hit you as hard as life can hit, but can you get hit and keep moving forward.  That’s how a victim becomes a survivor. And one half-second too slow or to fast and you could find your-self in the hospital, dreams have slipped between your fingers, you are barely holding on but you have to believe you can, period.  And like Abi, if you can always believe—you will survive.

It started when Abi made her way out to Jordan Res for a fun day jet skiing. She was riding as a passenger having the time of her life. And nobody knew that this fun-filled day would soon turn into a day of panic, fear and tears. Abigayle Ottley was hit by another jet ski from behind and she took the full impact of the hit, knocking her out instantly, never regaining consciousness. The haunting accident caused major injuries including, an L3 vertebrae fracture, broken sacrum, brain bleeding and she was unable to walk. And it was even predicted that she would be in coma for at least 4 weeks but nope, not for Abi, it only last 6 days and she was ready to start fighting to regain a normal life.  But returning to a normal life wouldn’t be easy for this local celeb, because she had 5 surgeries ahead of her and it wasn’t going to be easy.

abi accident hospital 002Emergency Medical Technicians on the scene knew instantly that she was very sick, stating:

“The color of her skin led us to believe she was pretty sick.  So it became pretty clear that she needed to get to the hospital. And rapid transport is everything.” After arriving at the hospital Abigayle was predicted to be in coma for 4 weeks and it only lasted 6 days—what a fighter.

Providers were very hopeful but they weren’t expecting the best outcomes due to the extremes of these injuries. Abi even had to have a 12 inch incision on her belly in order to let excess fluid drain. Abi’s stomach surgery was vital because of her ruptured spleen, doctors had to remove her spleen and TWO FEET of her intestines. And it wasn’t going to stop this woman from healing. Nothing could get in her way, not then, not now, not ever.  The battle continued on as she went from 125lbs to 97lbs and she was still recovering faster than expected. It was all thanks to her beautiful, lovingly exceptional family and providers who spent every moment they could by her side, Stacy kept an excellent track of Abi’s survival story on blog spot. The accident was not only difficult for Abi but it was difficult for her family and friends—especially her sister who didn’t want to see Abi leave the house after the accident, stating:

“On a more serious note. It is super hard to let Abi go off and be “Abi Before the Accident”. I get upset and want to make her stay home. I don’t want to see her do things that are dangerous, like walking across an icy sidewalk. Staying out late hanging out with her friends. Working. All those things are scary. We have had to learn again to let go! I witnessed a very fragile Abi.  As with any tragic event there have been so many lessons to learn, I just hope they stick! I don’t imagine they will fade anytime soon. We have all been changed through this event. We have all had our eyes opened. Opened to our God, our mortality, our blessings, our strengths, our weaknesses, our hope!”abi, garden etc 059

Life is taken for granted nearly every single day, people live life going with the motions and Abi was never like that. During the time we were both in High-School together she always knew how to make US all laugh. She is fun, energetic, loving and today—a survivor. There was never a dull day during our time in school and little did Abi know, she always influenced me to be the best person I could. And I’ll never forget all the fun times we all had with our favorite teachers Carrie Stokes and Mr. Locey. welcome home abi's party 011

Abi, you are wonderful and you always will be an inspiration to so many, my hopes for you are to continuously succeed, live, laugh and love. That’s just the wonderful lady you have always been. We just want to give you a huge thumbs up for being a survivor in every possible way.  During your recovery you healed faster than anyone expected. And I’ve always known that you, Abigayle, are supposed to do AMAZING, beautiful, inspiring things in your life. And no matter where you go, what you do or where you end up—you will forever have this inspiring story to pass on for decades to come.

Because not everyone escapes death and not everyone get’s a second chance. We have all been touched by your story in the studio and we want you to know that you will always be an inspiration to millions in the world.

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