Disney Channel’s Girl Meet’s World Bringing Back Shawn Hunters Father And More!

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By lauraramonique

It was in the year 2000 when I really fell in love with the Disney series “Boy Meet’s World.” It was one of the most popular Television shows in my middle school—along side “That’s So Raven.” And when the season came to an end it was a very sad time. Boy Meet’s World was a series that made me want to pursue acting and a film career, it was funny and emotionally grabbing.  The comedy “Girl Meet’s World,” is  a sequel to the famous yet old series and all your favorite characters have been making their debut appearances in different episodes.

Do you guys remember Shawn Hunters girlfriend? Well, she will be making an awesome appearance on “Girl Meet’s World.” And the Man that played Shawn Hunter’s father will also be appearing in season two’s “Girl Meet’s Hurricane.” Have you started to wonder how that’s possible yet because Shawn’s father passed away in in the sixth season of Boy Meet’s World. It was a very sad, emotionally grabbing time. Ben Savage and Rider strong have been directing episodes to the new series and they are doing really well. And the thought of having these characters appear in the series again for fans is, amazing.

The plan is to have these characters returning because the subconscious mind of the characters bring them to life as memories. The sixth season of Boy Meet’s World was  a very emotional season and getting to see Shawn’s father again will be quite interesting. We’re excited to see what the outcome will be and we want to know what you think as well.

Did you get addicted to Boy Meet’s World? And what do you think about the new series so far, is it dull or is it just as good as the original series? Personally, the first episode didn’t catch my attention but it has gotten better along the way!

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