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Kim Fischer’s Personality Goes Beyond Television And Anchoring

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Kim FWhen it comes to great News and an excellent voice Kim Fischer knows just how to handle any situation on LIVE television. Kim Fischer is the evening co-anchor at ABC4 News and she always rocks it.  But it’s not just her TV personality that makes her an amazing person. Kim Fischer has been a positive role-model for women all over the world. She strives to be a kind, friendly, helpful, honest and adventurous.

Kim, you never knew what a influence you were in my life when we were working together. You were the only person to welcome me with a big “hello,” and you aided me through some very difficult situations in my life. The size of your heart is enormous and that’s frankly an understatement. Thank you for always being such a wonderful influence and always going out of your way to help others. It’s really hard to find amazing friends and people to trust—but there’s no doubt that everyone you come into contact with is truly blessed.

What News Station are you tuning into? It sure as hell better not be channel 2, FOX 13 or KSL. If there’s any News Station you need to be tuning into, it’s ABC4 Utah. I might sound biased because ABC4 was my home but this is one anchor that knows how to make News entertaining, fun and unique.(And do please keep harassing Tony for me, He loves when we throw paper balls at him).

Congrats girl, you’ve officially been paparazzi-ED by the one and only. And I’m so thankful to say that I have an amazing friend like YOU. And I hope that you will always continue to do what you love in life because you deserve the very best that life can give.

We believe in that sweet good karma and you have it coming your way!


Laurara Monique

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