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Diamond Ranch Academy, A ‘Legal Prison,’ The Paris Jackson Therapeutic Boarding School

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Paris Jackson Therapeutic Boarding School In Utah?

Paris Jackson and her Father Michael Jackson

Paris Jackson, daughter of the King of Pop Michael Jackson has been silenced—and possibly has become yet another victim of the “Illuminati.” We say this in quotes because in our eyes he was murdered and we don’t know by who but we do know she, herself has called the situation out using the words “they,” and “them.” Famously, her father has left a lot of signs that he was being controlled. Indeed, Latoya and Janet Jackson both said that he was being controlled, that they were responsible for it, though never saying who they are. In his song They Don’t Care About Us, Michael sings about Them and that they don’t care about us. Due to its release being just after the L.A. Riots, it’s normally put into that context. However, if all of this is true, it could be that this song is warning us ahead of time, telling us that those in charge don’t really care about us. In the music video for this song, there is one scene where you do see an eye painted on a wall, which adds to the suspicion considering the association of the Illuminati and the all-seeing eye.

It is believed that Michael Jackson was murdered by the Illuminati because of his influence and the fact that he no longer supported the Illuminati’s cause and was therefore, no longer useful. He being prescribed a drug that is rarely seen outside of hospital settings, and at deadly dosage, adds to this belief. Paris Jackson, his only daughter, also spoke out more directly against the Illuminati. With over 1 million followers on Twitter, she frequently posted pictures of Illuminati symbolism, warning us that they are in control. On June 5th, 2013 Paris Jackson attempted suicide. She overdosed on Motrin and cut her wrist with a meat cleaver. She was rushed to the hospital and barely survived. Previous to the attempt, she had been tweeting only song lyrics, particularly sad ones. The day before her attempt she had tweeted “yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay” Which is a beautiful lyric from Yesterday by The Beatles. This was the last tweet from Paris, and it seems that all previous tweets from her have been deleted, despite her twitter saying she’s had hundreds of tweets.

The Illuminati have been suspected to control Hollywood for years, a secret society that hides behind curtains, The silent people in the background that pull the strings modifying and controlling your behavior.   Many celebrities have talked about the ways that the “Illuminati,” have helped them with their career. Talking about how they become possessed on stage and they even have handlers. Michael Jackson has attempted to warn the public about corruption and what really went on behind the scenes. But the public just couldn’t understand his message. And his sister, Janet Jackson has spoken out about the subject stating that they “keep everybody at bay, they keep everybody away, by controlling him, control his thoughts” and continued “giving orders and not letting anyone near security.” She even went on to state that phones weren’t allowed in the house. [Video]

During another interview Michael was doing, he became very uneasy, stating:

“ My album is number one all over the world, America is the only one because I don’t want to say too much, it’s conspiracy, yeah, I don’t want to say much, I’m done, I don’t want to say much because I’m hurting, I’m hurting.” And even Oprah had the opportunity to interview Michael and during the interview, it seemed Michael was talking about possession. laughing about how he is “slave to the rhythm,” and then the alarm in his home went off. Almost as if saying to Michael that he better stop talking.

Janet Jackson has always believed that this was murder, in another interview Janet opened up about who she thought murdered her brother, when asked if she thought this was murder she confirmed, stating:

Janet Jackson speaks out on Oprah

“Absolutely, absolutely, I said it in the beginning, I believe it to this day, you must remember Michael told me repeatedly that they were going to kill him and he was going to die. “ And when asked and who did it, she stayed silent. And in another interview about the death of her brother she stated “ They murdered my brother, and they know who they are it’s not just Dr. Murray I promise you that. it’s more people involved and they know exactly who they are we will let you I’m going to let you know exactly what’s happening and what’s going on.”   Dr. Murray was blamed for the death of Michael Jackson—people were attacking him left and right saying he deserves the death penalty, Janet did not agree stating:

“ The Dr. that you’re looking at,  that you see there was the fall guy. that’s what the  was he was the fall guy.” A fall guy to take the blame because someone behind the scenes are pulling some strings to get their way.  “There are people in the back rounds. “ Michael told me repeated that, they were going to kill him that he was going to die, and he would say that, and when I heard my mother scream he’s dead, immediately I said who did it, I didn’t say what for, what of,  what happened, who did it, because he repeatedly said that.

After Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt, she was sent to The Diamond Ranch Academy in a secluded area in southern Utah. In fact, it is only outside of a popular polygamist town. It’s an academy that claims it’s for troubled kids and they offer therapy to help them. While Paris might be troubled, there seems to be a lot more to the academy than what we see. According to DRA Survivors[ this website ], the Diamond Ranch Academy is abusive to its students. There are plenty of testimonials that claim that the academy is extraordinarily abusive to its students.

In addition to everything, the Diamond Ranch Academy seems to employ professionals who are not so professional. According to this article, the majority of the people employed at the Diamond Ranch Academy do not hold the necessary accreditation or licenses to be working in a therapeutic fashion. The Diamond Ranch Academy was made for troubled children. Indeed, Paris Jackson was sent there because of her attempt on her life, to help her psychologically and give her much needed therapy. While most people wouldn’t disagree with thinking she needs professional help, Diamond Ranch Academy does not provide this sort of help, as they employ pseudo-professionals. For example, Dennis Mitchell, the Diamond Ranch Academy’s Medical Director, is neither a medical doctor nor mental health professional licensed in Utah. Another case, one of their therapists, Steven DeMille, supposedly earned his degree in 2010 through the University of Phoenix. And according to this document, the University of Phoenix does not have the accreditation to provide degrees in Psychology.

And DRA students have been speaking out online because of the pain they have suffered. One former student confirmed how terrible DRA really is—they attended the “boarding school,” in the year 2009, stating:

“I personally attended diamond ranch academy back in ‘09, I was 14 when my mom sent me. I was just super upset over a divorce nothing to serious. I spent almost 11 months there with being in “homeless.” And student reviews have stated that “homeless,” is where they put their new students, making them do hard labor and it’s speculated that they are also malnourished during this time.  They continued to explain the how being at DRA affected their life stating, “ I was abused have permanent damage from that place both physically and mentally. One thing I have noticed not only the deaths always talked about(while at diamond ranch), but the deaths that come after being there. I have personally lost 3 friends from DRA and find it interesting and possibly worth looking into, the way they died happened to be the exact same all 3 of them.” If even a little bit of this speculation is true, we’re disgusted. And there are more than just one student speaking out against DRA, stating:

“In the first level called “homeless” we weren’t allowed any rights. We had to raise our hand for everything. I got in trouble a couple of times because I put on lip chap without asking. We had to sit cross legged for hours on the cement working on silly projects. We were given oats (water and oatmeal) and fruit for breakfast. For lunch we had rice and lentils and dinner was rice and lentils. We were given a 4L Milk jug that was filled up with tap water daily that we were forced to drink, yet we could only go to the outhouse a few times a day when they felt like taking us. I know of 4 girls that had urinated themselves because a staff member wouldn’t allow them to use the washroom. If you didn’t do what you were told you had to do “energy release”. This is where Ricky Dias could make you run up and down a field for 3 hours in the scorching hot sun with no water. I remember Ricky Dias yelling at a girl for not getting out of the shower on time the night before. He told this girl that if it happened again tonight he would: “Rip her out of the shower by her hair naked.”  And the fact that they treat these “problem,” children in this way is scary. This isn’t how you help children heal. Scaring, abusing and torturing them doesn’t mentally stable anyone for that matter. All that it seems happens from this type of abuse is PTSD. You can read even more testimonials at Heal Online, where some have been brave enough to share their testimonies and some have been taken down, due to fear.

Additionally, through the same website, we have a list of all police calls and their reason. While some of these are not necessarily remarkable or surprising, there are some incredibly shocking calls listed. 3 calls say the reason for the call was Rape, and two others were simply noted as Sex Offense. There are several reports of assault and Child Abuse/Neglect. Although this is simply speculation as we do not have the police reports, this is shocking information. With the addition of past students claiming that the Diamond Ranch Academy is abusive, it really appears like this Diamond Ranch Academy is NOT somewhere where you would want to trust with helping your troubled child with their problems. There are many other places around Utah without this incredibly negative history, but Paris was sent to the one that appears to be involved in so much controversy with its continuous reports of child abuse.

The sad part is December of last year—2014 Paris stated that she felt better and didn’t want to go to DRA again. She wanted to be at home but according to a report from Daily Mail, stating:

“Paris Jackson, 15, doesn’t want to return to boarding school in Utah, Radar has reported.The troubled teen spent the Christmas Holidays with her brother, Prince Michael, 16, half-brother Blanket, 11, and natural mother Debbie Rowe, in Hawaii and California, and now doesn’t want to return to her  $14,000-per-month therapeutic private school, where she is recovering from an apparent suicide attempt last June. Paris – daughter of late singer Michael Jackson – is now said to be at loggerheads with her legal guardian Katherine Jackson, 83, over returning to the school. “ And you can read the full report on DailyMail.

Why won’t the Jackson family listen to Paris? She would know first hand what happens in the facility—from the outside we can only assume and take into account the alumni students that have a testimony against DRA.  If Michael Jackson was here today it doesn’t seem likely that he would ever put Paris in a “boarding school,” like this one. And we’re positive if she told her father she didn’t want to go back he would believe and trust her. When it comes to teaching your children discipline—this school just feels like a cop out and a way to get out a break from parenting.

When looking for more information about the Academy, we looked it up on Google Maps and found an interesting symbol on a truck sitting just outside of the academy.

Make of that what you will, but the all seeing eye and the pyramid are the two biggest symbols related to the Illuminati and it is very curious to see it just sitting there outside of the academy. There’s a few additional information about Paris that we discovered while searching for more information about her. Despite being the “Princess of Pop”, being interviewed several times about her father on Ellen, Oprah, and other programs, and being cast in a movie, it appears that some editors at Wikipedia have determined that her Wikipedia page should be deleted. You can view the information from the way back machine or likely previous versions on Wikipedia. This information about Paris was not on Michael Jackson’s page, which is the page that you’re redirected to when trying to find hers. According to the notes on Wikipedia, it was because she’s not well known enough. Over one million followers on twitter, her relation to the pop star, and upcoming film (maybe) were not enough for them.

It’s hard to believe that the daughter of Michael Jackson ‘isn’t well-known enough,” for a wiki page when she used to have and she’s been on Ellen discussing her acting career, movie plans and how she wants to be successful in her life. Just being the daughter of The King of Pop should be enough to land her a wiki page. There are so many people who have Wiki pages and all they did was get married or starred in a commercial. Isn’t there something just a little fishy about the whole story? Why was she on Ellen and super excited for her acting career and then thrown into this seemingly, terrible and haunting “legal,” prison?

Do you think that if Michael Jackson was here today he would allow his daughter to stay in such a confined and terrible place? We defiantly want to hear what you think about this place! And do you think that the Illuminati is now trying to silence Paris Jackson like they silenced her father Michael Jackson? What do you think of the whole “Paris Jackson therapeutic boarding school?” It sounds a little suspicious if you ask me.

Some additional information for those who want to learn more can be found in this and this video.




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