Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in upcoming Sci-Fi Comedy

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By Dallas Miller

lawrence-prattTwo of the most beloved actors of this generation, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have announced that they will be starring in a new Science Fiction Comedy movie by the name of Passengers. According to Sony, it will be starring Pratt as a man who woke up from a cryogenic sleep before he was supposed to. And to keep him company, he wakes up Jennifer Lawrence, who will be his romantic interest in the movie. This sounds hilarious and interesting, as both actors have proven they can act seriously and humorously. This is definitely one of my most hyped upcoming movies now that I’ve heard of it. I cannot wait to hear more.

If you want more Chris Pratt, he will be starring in Jurassic World which is scheduled to come out this year. Jurassic World takes place twenty years after the events of the first Jurassic Park. Jurassic World is a theme park as it was imagined, but starts falling upon hard times and they are forced to make a risky decision to make the park more popular. Additionally, Pratt has been rumored to be starring as Indiana Jones in the upcoming Indiana Jones 5. Jennifer Lawrence, on the other hand, has two movies coming out this year, the final Hunger Games movie, Joy, and then X-Men Apocalypse coming out next year.

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