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Dealing with Loss

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Beautiful Daniella. R.I.P. Te iubesc.
Beautiful Daniella. R.I.P. Te iubesc.

Life can be difficult and can seem incredibly unfair at times. You could be happy, excited, and enjoying life on moment, and then some tragedy happens, and your life is turned upside down. Losing someone you love is one of the most difficult things someone can experience in their lives. In the moment that the news breaks, your mind can be exploding with confusion, sadness, questions, blame, and not knowing what to do. Especially if the loss wasn’t an accident or perhaps caused by someone else directly or indirectly. The incredible hatred and desire for vengeance at this point. And to people who believe in some sort of higher being, the anger towards Him can be intense as well. I know when I had to deal with loss, it was a “case closed” moment, as I believed no god could possibly be this cruel, to take someone that I loved so incredibly much. More than anyone, however, I blamed myself. The person that I lost was bullied to a point of no return, yet I thought it was my fault – not for doing enough, not for preventing what happened. Almost 3 years to the day, I’ve slowly begun blaming myself less and less, and trying to understand what happened. In an unlikely turn, I’ve opened my mind to some higher power after not believing for such a long time. Perhaps God took my brother for a reason. Perhaps my brother was no longer needed on Earth and was perhaps needed somewhere else, heaven or wherever else. The challenges that followed were intense, I’ve hurt, blamed myself, but, life goes on. Losing a loved one may appear unfair to us, but what is more unfair than that? Giving up. Your loved one wouldn’t want you to give up. They would want you to fight, stay strong, and continue on with life. They will always be with you, everywhere you go, watching over you, protecting you, touching your heart when you feel alone. Today my best friend lost her beloved aunt to a tragic suicide. She was driven to make the ultimate sacrifice by living in disgusting conditions. Most of all, her husband, the man who was supposed to protect her, love her, and treat her like a princess, betrayed her, abused her, and made her feel so little, so inhuman, that she decided to take her own life. No human being should be made to feel like that, and anyone who causes another human to feel like that will get their just desserts some day. I know my friend’s aunt will be in a better place now. Anything is better than such a negative environment. My prayers go with my friend’s family, and the family of Daniella. And if any of you are suffering, I hope you know that there are so many resources out there. People to talk to, people who care. Strangers can care about you. Talk to someone, anyone. You matter.

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