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50 Shades of Grey Destroying Relationships, Our Minds And Youth

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“I find it sad how a pornographic film about domestic violence, emotional abuse, and lust-based animalistic sex is so widely anticipated, while a competing film being released the same day, about genuine values-based love, chivalry, and courtship, is almost unheard of. 50 Shades of Gray is such a huge deal, while ‘Old Fashioned’ has received very little attention.

To me this only underlines the declining state of society. Divorce rates are soaring. And to go along with that, marriage rates are plummeting. That value has been quickly eroded. It’s shifted from being considered essential to almost being looked down upon.

Adding to that, pornography consumption has spiked. It’s become easier than ever to get ahold of. The average age of first exposure is 12. How sad is that? Our kids are beginning these addictions to this devastating plague while merely children. And Hollywood fully supports it and pushes it. Why? Because it sells. That’s what people want more and more these days. That’s what people are coming to think is acceptable and healthy. But it’s not.

Modern society seems to be blurring or reversing definitions. Lust is called love and sex is increasingly viewed as defining intimacy. Really, lust is more akin to an anti-love. It’s selfish. Genuine love is selfless. Intimacy doesn’t even require sex, though sex can be, and generally is, a wonderful part of true intimacy.

The sexualization of society and distortion of love and healthy relationships is truly appalling. Society is deteriorating in key areas. Our children are suffering the detrimental effects. Where are we headed? What can we do to stop this massive degradation? For one thing, we can stop supporting it and return to healthy practices in our own lives.

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My Response:

Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-Poster-fifty-shades-of-grey-33848285-640-640After watching 50 shades of grey, I can’t help but wonder what the future will be like for my children and the many generations to come. When I was little Titanic hit theaters and it was the biggest hit for that time. Titanic was a true romantic film that focused on the BEAUTY of women as they are not as SLAVES. Women should be treated with love, respect and loyalty—especially in the bedroom. Now, that’s not to say I’m not a little kinky where it counts, we all have our quirks but this went beyond our what could be considered a ‘normal,’ fantasy. I’m sorry to say that 50 Shades of Grey was nothing more than a pornography that was given an extremely high budget. And because the rise of addiction with pornography across the nation, it’s no surprise so many people “LOVED,” the film.

First, why in the hell do you women think it’s perfectly fine to be compared to this unrealistic image on a screen? Film is supposed to be magical and there was NOTHING magical about this film. There was nothing unique, funny or inspiring. But, I can say there was a lot of lust, abuse and control—hey if your into that, sweet, see a psychologist(if it’s to this degree). I am a women and I can acknowledge that we are ALL BEAUTIFUL and we deserve the absolute best in life.

I have three questions for you to consider:

  1. When watching the film could you GET OFF to the scenes?
  2. When watching the film did you just look forward to the sex scenes rather than the plot?
  3. What made this movie artistic? (If you think this film was artistic then please let’s debate this out).

If you answered yes to any of the questions then you are viewing pornography and technically making the women/man you love feel less perfect. Pornography has destroyed so many marriages and it’s destroyed the way that men and women view one another. Instead of looking at your date and thinking:

“Gosh, I love his smiles, eyes, personality, goals, careers and how spontaneous he seems to be as a person.” It’s become us undressing them with our eyes and imagining the way it would feel to get down with your DATE. Keyword there is DATE—isn’t having sex meant for those married or at least in love? I’ve never been able to just spread my legs with a stranger I met at a bar. It’s an accomplishment I’m very proud of because it reminds me that I was able to stay a virgin until I was married.

That makes me feel good about myself and that is how all women and men should feel about themselves.

Who else remembers when film had limits and it was still beautiful—remember when husband and wives slept in different beds? Wow, what a change, huh? I don’t have a problem with 99.9% of the changes. Film is art, beauty and creativity. It’s about a plot and an emotional grab, I’m sorry but the only thing this film was yanking was our hormones, period. When creating film you don’t have to have two “animals,” screwing one another to engage and audience, unless your goal is to fill their brains with an unrealistic expectation of sex and how to treat women/men.

I’m sure that many will disagree with me and many will agree as well—but just remember the worth of a human being. When we hear stories on the News about a guy who tied up a woman and raped her BONDAGE STYLE(haha, funny, so funny, right), we become infuriated and ask our friends and family one question, “what has become of this world?” 50 Shades of Grey is exactly the reason the world has turned to shit and the generations beneath us are being taught garbage.

I’ve been to church with people who I KNOW are “ACTIVE,” in the church who have seen this film and guess what, they support it, love it—in fact they want to buy it. Now, tell me friends and family who have a certain belief based on values. Why are you supporting exactly what you have been taught to stray to protect your spirit. I feel disgusted that I’m surrounded by hypocrites all around me.

Even psychologists have been telling the world to NOT WATCH this film, it’s not healthy. Doing some research I found an interesting article called “Brain scans of porn addicts, what’s wrong with this picture?” The article goes on to talk about what happens to the brain when someone man or female has an addiction to porn, an example straight from The Guardian states:

The most obvious change in porn is how sex is so laced with aggression and sadomasochism. As tolerance to sexual excitement develops, it no longer satisfies; only by releasing a second drive, the aggressive drive, can the addict be excited. And so – for people psychologically predisposed – there are scenes of angry sex, men ejaculating insultingly on women’s faces, angry anal penetration, etc. Porn sites are also filled with the complexes Freud described: “Milf” (“mothers I’d like to fuck”) sites show us the Oedipus complex is alive; spanking sites sexualise a childhood trauma; and many other oral and anal fixations. All these features indicate that porn’s dirty little secret is that what distinguishes “adult sites” is how “infantile,” they are, in terms of how much power they derive from our infantile complexes and forms of sexuality and aggression. Porn doesn’t “cause” these complexes, but it can strengthen them, by wiring them into the reward system. The porn triggers a “neo-sexuality” – an interplay between the pornographer’s fantasies, and the viewer’s.

First, the book revolves around Anastasia who is a 21-year-old Senior in College. Ana is as innocent as they come, she’s never even dated a boy which means she hasn’t had sex. In the book she confesses that she has never touched herself. Soon she meets Christian Grey, 27. Grey had a traumatic childhood, was adopted by the age of four who went through some traumatizing events. He was even found alone with his dead mother, who was a crack addict. She was dead for at least several days—chest covered in burns from cigarettes and scars as well.

But he’s the drop dead, perfect example of “male beauty.” And of course she falls in love with him.  Grey presents her with a contract after making her fall in love. It would allow her to become his “sub,” and he would be her Dominus. Now, how can this be a healthy relationship? When I see this being glamorized, it disgusts me. And these opinions come from critical thinking. I refuse to be biased in my thoughts and actions.The most disturbing fact is how popular the film has become. When the book was released just take a look at the popularity numbers released by Hookingupsmart.com. They have an excellent review of the book as well as their own thoughts you could consider.

These sales numbers for 2011:

  • Romance: $1.37 billion
  • Inspirational: $759 million
  • Mystery: $682 million
  • Sci Fi and Fantasy: $559 million
  • Literary Fiction: $455 million



Don’t forget the film made around 82-million-dollars–they don’t care how it effects the following generations. They got their monies worth, so what are you going to do? And shouldn’t everything you do in the bedroom, stay in the bedroom? I don’t care if you enjoy bondage, fantasies, normal, weird, fetishes or whatever it might be–keep it between you and your partner.

And for those of you Christians out there let us not forget the follow:

Proverbs 17:20
He who has a crooked mind finds no good, And he who is perverted in his language falls into evil

Proverbs 6:14
Who with perversity in his heart continually devises evil, Who spreads strife.

Deuteronomy 23:17
None of the daughters of Israel shall be a cult prostitute, nor shall any of the sons of Israel be a cult prostitute.


At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make and the consequences always come good and bad.If psychologists have something to say about a film and it’s effects on the brain, the scriptures warn us and I have common sense to see this is yet another antic of those that pull the Hollywood strings. Don’t be another puppet.50 Shades of Grey destroying relationships and youth? Yay or nay? We want to hear what YOU think. Blessed Be.




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