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Elder Richard G. Scott Inspires Marriage With ‘Eternal Blessings of Marriage’

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Today my husband and I spent sometime watching a church video about marriage by Elder Richard G. Scott. The talk was called “Eternal Blessings of Marriage.” It was such an amazing talk about his wife and Elder G. Scott talked about the cute letters that they would leave one another and always telling your spouse how much you truly love them. I love this because so many have the mentality:

“She already knows.” Just like Elder G. Scott mentioned. Women don’t know if you can’t show it. Never forget the quote “actions speak louder than words,” It’s a cliché quote but it speaks truth. You can easily look at someone and say that you love them. But what happens when it comes to proving your love for that significant other—after all, they should be the biggest blessing in your life, right? There are so many things I’ve learned in my marriage and I’m only twenty-four-years-old and counting. It’s been an amazing 155 days and I wouldn’t change that for the world.


Some of the things I’ve learned while being married have been the most developing for our relationship and they are:

1. Growing together—this inevitable in our marriage. As a couple we have grown so much together. We help one another carry the baggage that might be weighing us down. We strive to be open, honest, mature and in that sense, we grow. And during each stages of our life from this very moment, we will continue to grow and learn. Recognizing that when life changes—it’s time adapt and grow is such an awesome goal that we’ve reached.

2. Values are important—my husband and I have different personalities, goals, motivations and even interests. But the foundation to our marriage has been having a set of values that Christ would want us to follow. And when we aren’t perfect instead of tearing each other down and throwing it at one another, we work together. I love working toward values with him because he always strives to be the best man he can be and vice versa.

3. Telling the truth is hard but vital. Everybody knows that being honest and telling the truth can be hard. Especially when you feel a certain way and the last thing you want to do is hurt your wife/husband. It’s important to learn to be honest with yourself and touch base with your feelings. It might be scary to tell your love how you’re feeling because you’re afraid of reaction. But when you feel down, sad or upset about anything it’s important to open up. Your husband or wife is there to help you and I’ve learned that Brendan see’s me through the same eyes that Heavenly Father see’s me. And for that I’m thankful because finding this love is special.

I encourage you to watch the video if you are looking for an awesome talk about marriage, love and bonding. It’s perfect, it made me realize how amazing our relationship has developed.

Blessed Be And Happy SUNDAY!

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