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Justin Bieber Fighting Hard For Forgiveness From Selena Gomez

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Justin Bieber Getting Egged Roast SpecialIt’s been going around like wild-fire and it’s not going to cool down, not until after this SNL Roast that Justin Bieber has coming for him. Justin Bieber has apparently been working hard to be a changed man. He’s been seeking counseling from those closest to him since the loss of his first love, Selena Gomez.

The sexy Calvin Klein model even admitted that he’s been abstaining from sex. An exclusive report from Hollywood Life stated:

Part of the changes Justin has made for himself is that he’s currently sworn off sex. He talked to Floyd Mayweather about how boxers don’t have sex when they are training for a big fight – and Justin feels like he’s in the fight of his life. He’s fighting for the future of his career and more importantly Selena.” And it seems that he’s not going to give up the fight, at all.

It’s being speculated that Justin Bieber wants to publicly apologize to Selena Gomez after his SNL Roast. Justin knows that she may  not watch but at least she might hear about it, right? It’s great that Justin is working on becoming a better man—and even cooler that he’s up for this whole “Justin Bieber SNL Roast,” because owning up to your mistakes is part of the changing process. The Hollywood Life source stated:

“During the end of the night when he roasts everyone that has roasted him he wants to publicly address Selena Gomez and apologize for being a d–k to her. He doesn’t expect her to be there but he wants to publicly apologize to her so she will eventually hear about it and see it.”

I hope Sel at least can forgive him and they remain friends—at the least. What do you guys hope for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? We know that she’s currently dating Zedd but do you all feel like she may still have feelings for Justin Bieber? Do you think Justin Bieber fighting hard for forgiveness will make a difference in their relationship?

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