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Zedd’s Drumming Skills Are Showing Romantically

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Zedd and Selena Gomez. Are Drummers better in bed?

When it comes to producing great music Anton Zaslavski knows exactly what he’s doing—he’s one of the most popular DJs known by the stage name Zedd. He loves producing house music but his talent has made it possible to branch into other musical categories.

But did you know that Zedd started playing drums at the age of twelve? And he also played for a German band called “Dioramic,” they were signed by Lifeforce Records—that specializes in metal-core, death metal and post-hardcore.

It’s pretty neat that Zedd was a part of that industry. I love me some good alternative rock, metal and some death metal. And you know what they say about drummers, right?

They are absolutely fantastic, amazing, spectacular lovers! Drummers have been known to have great finger control techniques—keeping that rhythm going. And since they deal with tempo for a living, let’s just say it won’t be hard to hit each and every magical zones.

This isn’t a matter of IF Zedd is good in bed—he is good in bed. And according to Selena Gomez—he’s a complete romantic and he keeps the foreplay going on for hours. HollywoodLife learned from a source how romantic it is, stating:

“He’s more attentive, more affectionate, whispers to her, is way more into passionate kissing and love-making lasts hours!”

So, it’s already confirmed by Selena Gomez—what do you think? Do you think drummers are excellent in bed? And is Sel one lucky girl?


Check out Zedd and his drumming skills with his former band mates.

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