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Zedd And Selena Gomez Spending Easter Together, Cute

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10932387_747841811959564_1797164632_nZedd and Selena Gomez have been an item for quite some time now and it’s almost Easter. Selena has posted many scriptures over Instagram which tells me that she has faith. And that means this is an important Holiday for Selena and her family—and Zedd. Hollywood Life has learned exclusively that Selena is really excited to introduce Zedd to her family in Texas. And she’s pretty certain that mama is going to approve, and let’s face it, that matters.

The source went on to state:

“Selena is really eager to introduce Zedd to her family in Texas. She knows her mom is going to absolutely adore him. She’s planning on bringing him home for Easter. She wants to do the whole Easter egg hunting thing with Zedd and her little sister.”

How cute is that and how many girls thing it’s absolutely adorable when grown men can play with little children, I can see Zedd being that man. That’s not to say Justin Bieber wasn’t because, he has met Selena’s family as well.

And Zedd wasn’t shy about speaking up about how the love-birds met one another. In an interview with AMP Radio, Zedd expressed how he was just looking for house items because he just moved into a new place, he had to use the rest-room and then all of sudden he walks into a Studio where he got introduced to Zedd by John—the head of their label. Zedd must have felt jolted to ‘hopefully,’ make a song together, stating:

“so I walk in and John, the head of our label, who had just signed Selena, was there… he was like, have you ever met Selena? So he introduced me to her, and was like hey, she’s cool, maybe we should make a song together. And then like a week later, we start working on a song together.”

Our ears couldn’t be more thankful because their music is magical. Either way, they are just great together whether they are friends, co-workers or getting serious—woo hoo for Zelina.

Listen to the interview [here].

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