Easter 2015, The Shifting Date And Meaning

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12667Easter Sunday is right around the corner and it’s an important time for Christians.  And did you know that it’s one of the most attended Sunday services of the year? Easter Sunday is celebrated by Christians because it marks the resurrection of Christ—Jesus came back to life about three days after his death on the cross. And I enjoy the Easter season because it’s a time for me to remember that Jesus Christ died for my sins—when it really should have been me suffering on that cross for my choices and mistakes.

I know that he did pay the penalty for our sins—and that the blood on his brow, those were my sins. I feel like one of the biggest blessings in my life can be summed up into one word “redemption.” I know that as long as I recognize the mistakes I make that I can e forgiven and delivered from Sin. And it’s important to remember this because there’s not a single soul that lives a perfect life. If everybody was perfect what would be the purpose of church and studying? We are here to learn how to be more “Christ-like.” Jesus Christ knows exactly how we feel when we are depressed, unmotivated or even happy because he has felt every emotion we have in this life.

Have you ever stopped to wondered why Easter changes dates?

The shortest and easiest explanation:

Asia Minor(The early church), wished to maintain Easter relation with the Jewish Passover. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ happened after the Passover and they wanted Easter to precede to the Passover—and the Jewish Holiday calendar is based on the Lunar and Solar cycles. That makes each feast day moveable and the dates shift year-to-year.

I hope that everybody has a blessed Easter and that you enjoyed this random fact. How do you intend to celebrate your Easter 2015? Do you have family traditions? We want to hear from you. Make sure you                     # Easter2015 and let the world know why Easter is special to YOU!

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