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Justin Bieber Gives Puppy New Loving Home, Encouragement To Visit ASPCA?

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“I love animals, always have, and it seemed natural to help the ASPCA. Animals have no voice of their own, so we have to be that voice.”

-Laurell K Hamilton

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This quote rings so true to the situation that animals are put in every day. It’s important to understand that animals truly have no voice, they speak their own language. And sometimes we need to stand up for what’s right.  Haven’t you ever noticed that an animal can really be your best friend, studies have even shown that people live longer who own animals. They are miracles put on this earth to help us smile. We all deserve to smile on our hard days, an animal can sense it.

I know my dog always tries to make me smile when I’m down about something—slamming his nose into my hands or flicking his ball to me. He’s being that best friend that helps you forget about your challenges. Animals deserve to be stood up because they have no way to communicate their thoughts or emotions, aside from their own natural instincts.

Justin Bieber loves doing charity work and he doesn’t care whether that involves traveling to help build schools or adopting a new pet—giving him a home, food and love.  The Biebs posted a picture of the new family member on Instagram with the caption:

“Say hello to the newest member of the Bieber family #Esther,” it’s so great to see a pet get a home. And we know that Biebs and his family are going to love Esther to pieces.

If you are looking for a new pet then make sure to check out your local shelters. You can also help pets by checking out the official ASPCA website. Their vision is “The vision of the ASPCA is that the United States is a humane community in which all animals are treated with respect and kindness,” and that’s all you can hope to achieve for all animals.

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