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When Good Things Fall Apart For Better Things

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“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” 

When Good Things Fall Apart For Better Things.

Have you ever stopped to revisit the memories you have now forgotten? How many of those memories(during that time) felt as though the pain would never end? And all that motivation you once had dissipated when whatever bad occurred in your life. What are you doing now? Have you made the effort to make new and better things fall together—or have they already? Life is quite mysterious in the way people’s stories fall into place.

But they fall into place in such imperfect yet perfect way because every trial, every mistake or heartache leads you to a bigger picture. A lot of the time, if one can find the strength to be strong and bear every burden they face, they will become a much stronger person in spite of it.  And at the end of the day the choice is yours because no one person can force you to live, smile or endure. It’s such an amazing feeling to see someone you love survive a trial because their personality develops, a lot.

Sometimes for the better or worse. But people can and do change.

I’ve noticed that that I can let a trial negatively impact me or positively. And it all depends on how I view the situation. Do I see the glass half full or half empty? What about you?

For example when I was in high-school I had a friend that was a good person. It was quite impossible for them not to shine because everybody considered her the “mama,” of the group—her personality was positive, loving and always leaning toward having a Christ-like attitude and outlook on the world as a whole, even when life wasn’t easy for them because NOBODY has an easy life.

That example had a nice Velcro effect on a lot of friends—and that’s why we were all close. When bad things happened we were there to remind one another that good things WILL come together, it will just take some time. And that every single trial we experience leads us closer to our life goals.  That’s why it’s important to try and live each day better than the person you were a second, minute or hour ago.  Try to look at every situation in your life as a situation to learn and grow and I promise you, it DOES get better. Relationships are important. And I’ve always felt that relationship advice leaning toward a positive outlook has been important.

Good things have to fall apart in order for better things to fall together. These seemingly “good,” things are meant to teach you what BETTER feels like. How else could you appreciate the BETTER? And this my friends is the secret to not taking life for granted.

Now ask yourself what has life taught you?

And patience is key. Blessed Be.

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