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Ron Benson Brings People Closer To Christ Through Music

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“Gospel music has always been important to me because it always touched my heart in a special place. When your lost and not sure where to turn each person has something that makes their skin crawl in that good spiritual sense. Gospel music can make you truly feel the love of Christ, remind you of the blessings he bestowed to us all and most important it makes me smile to see musicians, film makers and artists of all kinds, from all over the world, use their talent to share the gospel. Never forget that since God cannot be here with us—he works through US.”

-Laurara Monique

rRon Benson is the prime example of using talent to illuminate the Christ-like heart that he has for the world around him. Ron is not only a singer and songwriter but a Pastor. He is also a husband to beautiful wife and father two his two children Adam and Grace.  Ron Benson has always had a passion to worship God and to help others lead the same life—he does this by using his God given talent to sing. It’s so special that Ron can help those feel the spirit through music and the way he carries himself.

Being a good example can do so much more than a lecture can, in my personal opinion.

God cannot be here to hug us, hold us or sing to us when we are feeling down. But through the work of other’s he can. And Ron Benson we just want to give you a huge shout out because you are trying your best to live a good life. And you are always trying to be a better man to your family, friends and fans. That’s a very special trait to have a human in such a tempting mortality. We’re proud of you for staying strong, following the spirit and centering Christ in your family, career and life in general.

Ron Benson creates music that’s fun, upbeat and it truly does make you feel the spirit. As a matter of fact we are listening to his great videos in the studio now, so, if you’re looking for a way to find Christ try music–it’s more powerful than you think.

Don’t forget to stop by his OFFICIAL WEBSITE and KICKSTARTER page to support him and his dreams.

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Blessed Be!

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