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Dead Man 1995, A Must See Film With Johnny Depp

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Dead Man is an amazing film written by Jim Jarmusch in 1995. Johnny Depp acts as an accountant who now is on the run from the law in the “olden west,” times. The journey won’t be easy but it’s a spiritual journey that a “Nobody,” needs. He’s challenged physically and spiritually and falls into some uncomfortable situations throughout the film. What happens when you get thrown into some unfamiliar territory? Well, your eyes open up and you begin to see the world in a new light.

Change is never easy especially in a world that is unknown, existing on the “other-side.”

The film “Dead Man,” is a Western that puts life in an interesting perspective. The views on life and death are touched in a way that isn’t ugly or terrifying. It’s defiantly a film that’s worth a watch. Many people don’t fall into liking Western films(me being one of them), but even I found something to love about “Dead Man,” can you?

Johnny Depp has been in a wide variety of films and when I found this one I was shocked. The last film I remember Johnny Depp looking fine in was “Cry Baby,” but this was a good find. I give the film a 10/10 for being so unique. When watching the film on silent it’s not difficult to follow but you have to pay attention. The art within the cinematography I thoroughly enjoyed and will be applying some techniques to my own style—maybe with a twist.(It gave me some pretty sweet ideas).

Film Rating: 10/10

Check out the trailer and see if it’s something your willing to watch. And if you do by chance end up watching “Dead Man,” we ant to hear your film reviews. What did you like, dislike and did the film leave you with anything to take away? Whether it be toward your film career or just personal entertainment, we want to hear from YOU!


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