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Kristian Stanfill Has Musical Talent, Bringing Fans Closer To Christ

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“When you put Jesus in the center of all the choices you make in this life you have better success at reaching the goals you were meant to reach. But when you travel off the straight and narrow, it get’s a little dark. I mean—I’m just talking from my own experience. In your families, friendships and relationships center Christ and good will follow. You have to feed the lamp in order to keep the light going and always remember to love yourself as Christ loves you.”

-Laurara Monique

Kristian Stanfill

Music is simply beautiful, every note, every lyric and every emotion a person feels can go into a seemingly simple song. The truth is music has never been simple to create and the best music is developed through a lot of devotion, time and sometimes emotion. How can you write something touching if you know nothing about the subject? It’s almost the same concept(at least when I write), but apply it toward your talent. Everything you have known, felt and experience can be transformed into an art that will touch millions.

And even change lives…..

Kristian Stanfill grew up in the suburbs around the 1990’s and lived a fairly normal life to some, attending church, going to school and he loves music. Kristian loved music so much that he taught himself how to play guitar—with a talent like that God knew Kristian could touch millions of peoples hearts because music is so powerful. The chance presented it self when his youth group figured out his awesome talent, strumming some chords and singing some lyrics.

God truly does work in mysterious ways because he started writing songs before he even knew how to pick up a guitar, all inside his mind. That’s what motivated him to pick up the guitar and learn to give voice to his talents and help draw others closer to Christ through his music.

And now his 2015 Tour has taken off and if your in any of these areas below, you should check him out, his music is uplifting and spiritual. What better place to feel the spirit and meet other people that are feeling that same comfort as well?

Kristian Stanfill, you’ve done a great job being a Christ-like example to everybody you come into contact with from family to fans. Thank you for sharing your God given talent with the world and blessing us with music that helps us feel the spirit. It’s amazing how people work through God.




Kristian Stanfill – Music Video

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